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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 25

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Chapter 25 A Fool

“What do you think?”

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James shot him a cold glance. “Do you think just about anyone can sit here?”

“Oh? In that case, how does one qualify?” Jonathan plainly asked.

“Hmph, how?” James sneered in response, “I’ll be frank with you. One has to have at least two billion in
assets before one is allowed to sit here. Do you have that? You don’t even look like you have a
hundred million.”

James looked at Jonathan with a smirk. He gathered that Jonathan didn’t even have two hundred
thousand, let alone two billion.

How can a hoodlum be worthy of sitting at the same table as me? It’s just utterly disgusting.

“Oh? Are you saying that I’ll be able to sit here if I have two billion?” Jonathan’s expression remained

Two billion was nothing to him.

After all, he could commandeer the Blackwood family’s entire assets just by saying the word.

“Hah, two billion!” James let out a contemptuous smile. “Kid, do you even know what two billion looks
like? I’m sure you have never seen so much money in your entire life. Do you think you can sit beside
me even if you have two billion?

“Are you even aware of the significance of your seat? This is the most important in the first row. Even if
you have five billion, you’re not qualified to sit with me!”

James was seated at a table of four. It was the most distinguished position in the entire banquet. Only
the heads of the four prominent families of Jadeborough and Harrison, the most ruthless man in
Jadeborough, were worthy of sitting there. No one else qualified, no matter how rich they were.

That was how prestigious the seat was.

Even if one were rich but didn’t have any position, one still wouldn’t be allowed to sit there.

“Five billion isn’t a lot. How about ten billion?” Staring calmly at James, Jonathan asserted, “If ten billion
isn’t enough, how about twenty billion?”

Twenty billion?

Everyone couldn’t help but burst into laughter when they realized that Jonathan was nothing but an

Even the Blackwood family, who were the most prominent in Jadeborough, didn’t have that kind of
money, let alone Jonathan.

Twenty billion was so much money that one couldn’t finish spending it in two hundred years if one were
to spend a hundred million a year.

With twenty billion, one would easily be the wealthiest man in Jadeborough.

“Harrison, where did you find this dumbf*ck?” James sniggered as he looked in Harrison’s direction.
“Harrison, what have you been doing? Have you fallen so far as to let some idiot who runs his mouth
off take your seat? As Jadeborough’s most ruthless man, you’re nothing but a disgrace!”

Everyone present couldn’t help but smirk at James’ words.

Just for a moment, they had assumed he was someone important from Yaleview. But now, it was
obvious to them that he was just a motor-mouth buffoon.

To boast about having twenty billion, Jonathan seemed to be willing to say just about anything.

“Mr. Holler, please watch your mouth. Or else, I’m going to tear it apart!” Harrison’s expression
drastically darkened. As a former member of the Fang Dragon Guards, the last thing he could tolerate
was Asura being ridiculed.

Whoever did so would be killed, and that was the Fang Dragon Guards’ creed.

“What’s wrong? Are you angry because you’re ashamed?” James sneered at Harrison. “Harrison, drop
that stupid act of yours. At the very least, get a more convincing actor next time. Twenty billion? Why
don’t you ask him if he even has two hundred?”

“Do you think I don’t have twenty billion?” Jonathan gave James an emotionless stare.

“You? Let’s not even talk about twenty billion. If you can show me two hundred million, I will give you all
the assets of the Holler family!” James ridiculed with a disdainful expression. Does Harrison think I’m
as gullible as he is? And that he could manipulate me with the help of an idiot?

“Given how insignificant the Holler family is, I’m not even interested in what you have!” Jonathan

In the eyes of others, the Holler family wielded much wealth and influence as one of the four prominent
families of Jadeborough. Their position was one where others could only hope to achieve in their

However, from Jonathan’s perspective, the Holler family was no different from insects.

He wouldn’t want it even if it was presented to him.

“Go on, continue that act of yours!” James sneered as he gave Jonathan a condescending look. “Brat,
I’m eager to see how far you can go with this. Either you show me twenty billion now, or just get lost! A
nobody like you isn’t worthy of this seat at all!”

At that moment, James no longer had the patience to continue the drama. After all, his true objective
was just to humiliate Harrison.

With regards to Jonathan, he couldn’t care less about him.

“Men, throw this brat out of here!” At James’ orders, a group of security guards came up to them.

The moment they arrived, Harrison roared, “I dare you to do it!”

His words struck fear into their hearts.

On one side was the head of the prominent Holler family, while on the other was Jadeborough’s most
ruthless man. The guards couldn’t afford to offend either of them.

“Mr. Goldstein, do you want me to eliminate him?” When Harrison saw how James persistently
provoked Jonathan, he could no longer tolerate it.

How dare this clown ridicule the mighty Asura, who defeated all the enemies of the nation.

“No, he’s nothing but a fool.” Jonathan waved his hand.

“Who are you calling a fool?” Infuriated by Jonathan’s words, James slammed the table and sprang to
his feet. He pointed his finger at the security guards. “Didn’t you hear my orders? Are you deaf? Get
this brat out of here!”

“Throw me out?”

When he saw how furious James was, Jonathan replied with a grin, “What right do you have? This is
the Blackwood residence, not the Holler residence! I’m afraid you have no authority to kick me out.”

Jonathan threw James’ words back at him, causing the latter to fume with anger. Just when he was
about to retort, an elderly voice rang out from behind him. “Oh? If he isn’t qualified, what about me?”

The moment the voice spoke, an old man in a grey robe sauntered toward Jonathan with his walking

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