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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 24

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Chapter 24 The Banquet Begins

“Mr. Blackwood…”

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“Mr. Blackwood…”

The moment Anderson appeared, everyone crowded over to ingratiate themselves with him. Many of
them jostled for a place just to get closer to Anderson.


Anderson nodded slightly.

He gestured for everyone to settle down. After that, all he did was wave them back without saying a
word. In the next moment, everyone responded by taking a step back.

That was a demonstration of how powerful the Blackwood family was.

“Everyone, today’s banquet is to celebrate my seventieth birthday. I’m honored to have all of you here
to grace this occasion.”

After clearing his throat, Anderson spoke in a very cordial manner. Nevertheless, there were many who
still fawned upon him in a sycophantic way.

“Not at all. We are the ones who feel honored to be able to attend such a momentous event!”

“Exactly. Not everyone gets the honor of attending your birthday banquet.”

“Mr. Blackwood, do you know an invitation card to this event is being sold at a million? Even then,
many are still clamoring for it.”

As the group continued to bootlick Anderson, he allowed himself to indulge in their words. He was, after
all, human. Regardless of his age, he still enjoyed the feeling of being ingratiated upon.

“Everyone, please have a seat!”

With a wave of his hands, everyone took their places. At the same time, those who had prepared
presents began to present them one by one.

“The Wallace family of Jadeborough presents a golden statue worth three million!”

“The Leeroy family of Jadeborough presents a painting worth two million!”

“The Holler family of Jadeborough presents a jewel worth two million!”

Three out of the four prominent families of Jadeborough had presented gifts that were worth millions.
As for the rest of the guests, they too gave equally expensive gifts that were either worth a million or at
the very least eight hundred and eighty thousand.

In fact, none of the gifts were worth less than eight hundred and eighty thousand.

That was the threshold that everyone was required to meet.

Even Harrison had prepared a gift worth millions when he arrived. However, after hearing the
Blackwood family had upset Jonathan, he had sent his gift back home instead.

There’s no point in giving them a gift. After offending Asura, the Blackwood family might not even
survive the night.

“Mr. Goldstein, do you want me to order Mr. Blackwood to kneel before you and apologize?” Harrison
shot Jonathan a glance.

From his perspective, that was the necessary thing to do.

So what if the Blackwood family is the most prominent family in Jadeborough? Compared to Asura,
they are nothing at all.

“No!” Jonathan waved his hand.

The banquet has just begun. So, what’s the hurry?

“In that case, shall we take our seats?” Harrison’s seat was in the first row. As for Margaret, the place
where they stood was in the most far-flung and inconspicuous corner of the room.

In fact, it was right next to the toilet.

Jonathan obviously didn’t want to stay a second longer, let alone take a seat there.


Jonathan nodded before heading to the first row. Watching his silhouette leave, Josephine couldn’t help
but bite her lip.

Jonathan, is Mr. Seymour the big shot you know and depend on?

In truth, there was still a massive gap between Harrison and the Blackwood family in terms of their

Harrison’s help alone wasn’t enough to save the Smith family still.

“Jonathan is really lucky to have ingratiated himself with Mr. Seymour.” Watching Jonathan from
behind, Connor couldn’t help but purse his lips.

With Mr. Seymour’s protection in Jadeborough, one had nothing to fear at all.

“Bullsh*t!” Margaret spat at the thought with a contemptuous expression. “So what if he knows Mr.
Seymour? Isn’t he nothing but a lackey still? He is born a slave and will never amount to anything more
than that his entire life!”

Margaret couldn’t help but feel frustrated when she saw how amazing Jonathan was just now.

Three years ago, Jonathan was nothing but a cowardly piece of trash. So, what makes him worthy of
ingratiating himself with Mr. Seymour three years later?

“Come on, that isn’t true,” Connor retorted. “In fact, Mr. Seymour seems to be respectful to him and
even addressed him as Mr. Goldstein. Therefore, how can he just be Mr. Seymour’s lackey?”

“You know nothing!” Margaret scoffed. “Who knows? Perhaps, Mr. Seymour is just pretending to be
polite. So what if Jonathan knows someone even more powerful? Isn’t he a lackey still? It’s just a
matter of who his boss is.”

She was adamant at looking down on Jonathan. Therefore, he would always be a cowardly piece of
trash that could do nothing more than just be a lackey.

Just when Margaret ridiculed Jonathan behind his back, Jonathan had arrived at the first row with

Furthermore, Harrison lowered himself to show Jonathan to his seat. “Mr. Goldstein, after you!”

Jonathan nodded before taking a seat. However, the moment he sat down, someone at the table
yelled, “Who are you? Who let you sit here?”

The man who spoke was a middle-aged man dressed in a sharp black suit.

He was the head of the Holler family, one of the four prominent families of Jadeborough.

In terms of status, he was higher placed than Harrison was. As for their seats, only the top ten figures
of Jadeborough were qualified to be there.

And now, someone he had never seen before had taken a seat.

“I brought him here. So, what about it?” When he saw how rude the man was, Harrison sneered with a
darkened expression, “Mr. Holler, do you have a problem with it?”

“You?” The head of the Holler family, James Holler, scoffed at Harrison’s answer. “Who do you think
you are, Harrison? Everyone is just being polite to you, and yet, you let it get to your head? Do you
think you are free to let just about anyone sit here?”

James’ words caused an uproar in the hall. The moment everyone saw James challenging Harrison,
silence gripped the room.

Everyone was waiting in anticipation of more drama.

After all, they were aware of the bad blood between Harrison and the Holler family that started a few
years ago.

It was just that no one expected James to make things difficult for Harrison during Anderson’s birthday

“Mr. Holler. You had better not cause any trouble today. Or else, you might not even know what hit you,”
Harrison sneered as he didn’t see James as a threat at all.

In normal times, he wasn’t afraid of the Holler family. But with Asura by his side, he was further

The Holler family should know better than act so rudely in front of Asura.

“So what? Do you dare lay a finger on me?” James let out a condescending smile. “Harrison, let me
warn you that, unlike the others, I’m not afraid of you. I’m sure you don’t have the guts to attack me
here and disrespect the Blackwood family.”

“Are you challenging me?” Harrison raised his hand and was about to slap James across his face when
Jonathan interrupted, “Enough, stop arguing!”

Harrison paused the moment he heard Jonathan. Retracting his hand at once, he acknowledged
respectfully, “Yes, Mr. Goldstein!”

At that moment, everyone present was astounded by what had transpired.

Jonathan looked in James’ direction. “Am I not allowed to sit here?”

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