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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 23

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Chapter 23 Kneel

Mr. Seymour! The most powerful man in Jadeborough!

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Other than being second to the four prominent families, Harrison was highly placed in both
Jadeborough’s official and underground circles. Even the head of the Blackwood family would have to
show him respect.

Given his status, he was naturally accorded a front-row seat at the Blackwood family banquet.

Therefore, everyone wondered why he was getting himself involved in the matter.

“Mr. Seymour…” Victor bowed as if he was a subservient servant.

“Get lost!”

Harrison kicked Victor to the ground. However, the latter didn’t even dare to whimper in protest.

“Mr. Seymour…”

When the security guards saw how Harrison was raging, all of them felt their knees buckle. Despite
threatening Jonathan a while ago with their batons, they were now behaving like scared little puppies.


The moment Harrison shot them a glare, the security guards dropped to their knees with a thump.

“Who gave you the audacity to lay a finger on Mr. Goldstein?” Harrison gave the guards a murderous

In fact, his eyes looked as if they could spit fire.

Mr. Goldstein? Who’s Mr. Goldstein?

The guards exchanged glances as they had no idea who Harrison was talking about.

“Break one of their legs each and throw them out!”

With a wave of his hand, Harrison’s subordinates stepped forward and unsheathed the knives from
their waist. With a forceful slash, they broke the legs of the few security guards.

That was how fearsome Harrison was.

All he needed to do was to summon someone’s legs to be broken, and it would happen the very next

Even then, no one dared to utter a word of protest.


Despite the agonizing screams ringing out in the courtyard, no one dared to interfere. After all, sticking
their nose in Harrison’s business was as good as courting death itself.

“Mr. Goldstein, are you all right?” Hanging his head, Harrison snuck a fearful glance at Jonathan.

If Asura is angry, blood will flow. By then, I’m afraid even I can’t escape my demise.

Mr. Goldstein? He’s Mr. Goldstein?

When everyone regained their senses, they realized the young man they suspected of sneaking in was
the “Mr. Goldstein” Harrison referred to respectfully.

The next moment, everyone gasped.

Even the ruthless Mr. Seymour has to greet the young man respectfully. In that case, how important is
this young man?

“I’m fine,” Jonathan simply replied. After that, he turned to Victor. “Do you still want to kick me out?”

“No. How dare I?” Victor’s knees buckled under Jonathan’s glare.

“Mr. Goldstein, is he the one who ordered you to be thrown out?” Harrison stared daggers at Victor.
“Men, break his legs and feed him to the fishes in Goda River!”

“Yes, Mr. Seymour!”

Upon his orders, more than ten subordinates pinned Victor to the ground. The next moment, both his
legs were broken with a loud crack.

The sound of fracturing bone jolted everyone present.

As for Margaret, she was so shocked that her eyelids twitched as she recoiled in fear.

After all, she had never seen such a gruesome sight in her entire life. How can they break his legs just
like that?

“W-Who is this? Why is he so…” She was about to comment how cruel it was when her eyes met with
Harrison’s terrifying gaze. The next moment, she held her tongue in fear.

“Don’t you know who Mr. Seymour is?” Connor whispered into her ear. “He is the most ruthless man in
Jadeborough and wields immense influence in both official and underground circles. No one in the city
dares to disrespect him. Even the four prominent families have to show him some respect. I heard that
he has killed at least a few hundred men if not thousands over the last few years.”

“He’s that powerful?” Margaret was terrified after hearing Connor’s explanation. “In that case, isn’t he
more powerful than Mr. Crane?”

Mr. Crane was the middle-aged man, Victor, whom Harrison had just ordered his legs broken.

“Mr. Crane?” Connor answered with a contemptuous expression. “Compared to Mr. Seymour, Mr.
Crane is nothing but an insect!”

“Given how powerful he is, why is he being so nice to Jonathan—” Before Margaret could finish, she
was interrupted by an agonizing cry.

All she saw was Victor dropping to his knees with a thump and prostrating in front of Harrison. “Mr.
Seymour, I beg of you. Please forgive me. It’s my fault for being blind. Just think of me as a pest and
show me some mercy…”

“Drag him out!”

Harrison wasn’t even bothered.

No one gets away from offending Asura! Breaking a leg and feeding him to the fishes in Goda River is
already letting him off lightly.

When the men dragged Victor out the door, the path they traversed was stained with blood and pee.

Victor was so terrified that he had peed in his pants.

At that moment, a middle-aged man beside Harrison couldn’t help but question, “Mr. Seymour, today is
Mr. Blackwood’s birthday dinner. Don’t you think it’s inappropriate to do this?”

The moment he spoke, everyone recognized him at once.

It was William Wallace, designated heir to the Wallace family, which was one of the four prominent

In a few years, he was expected to take over as the head of the Wallace family. Although he wasn’t as
powerful as Harrison, the gap between them wasn’t big.

Even in terms of seating, he was assigned a front-row seat together with Harrison.

“Why is it inappropriate?” Harrison sneered as he was unfazed by the comment. “Whoever dares to
have a problem with it will have to face me, and that includes the old man of the Blackwood family!”

If the old fogey of the Blackwood family protests, I will have his legs broken too!

In Asura’s presence, even the King of War, Zachary, had to keep his opinions to himself.

“Mr. Seymour, you…” When he heard Harrison’s words, an insidious glint flashed in William’s eye.
However, he quickly hid it away instead.

After all, they weren’t at the Wallace residence. Regardless of how disrespectfully Harrison behaved, it
was up to the Blackwood family to hold him accountable.

No matter how powerful Harrison was, his influence was still lagging compared to the Blackwood
family. After all, the Blackwood family was the most prominent in Jadeborough.

All of a sudden, a group of men appeared in the living hall. In the middle of that group was the head of
the Blackwood family, Anderson Blackwood.

He cut an authoritative figure dressed in his grey robe. Despite a head full of white hair, he still exuded
an intimidating aura.

“Mr. Blackwood is here!”

When someone cried out, everyone shifted their attention from Harrison toward Anderson, who had just
arrived in the living hall.

At the same time, Harrison whispered to Jonathan, “Mr. Goldstein, this is the old fogey of the
Blackwood family!”

If it were anytime before, he would likely be fearful of the Blackwood family. But with Jonathan around,
he was not afraid of anything.

After all, they were nothing but insects.

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