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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 22

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Chapter 22 None Of Your Business

What? Someone has snuck in?

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The middle-aged man’s words had suddenly caught everyone’s attention.

They had only heard about those who shamelessly bought an invitation card for a million just to attend
the event.

However, they didn’t expect anyone to be so brazen as to sneak in!


“Who is it that snuck in?”

“Let me see who the shameless one is.”

Suddenly, Jonathan became the target of everyone’s ridicule. When she heard the comments,
Margaret added fuel to the fire by pointing at him instead. “He’s the one that snuck in!”

Pointing at Jonathan, Margaret felt a sense of self-satisfaction, as if she was gloating over having
exposed Jonathan.

“Are you the one who snuck in?” The middle-aged man stared coldly at Jonathan and sneered, “You
have caused me to rethink how I see this world. All this while, I have only assumed the worst people
would do was to buy an invitation card so that they can bask in the glory of the Blackwood family’s
banquet. However, I didn’t expect you to be more shameless than I could possibly imagine! Where’s
security? Come here at once!”

Just as he roared, a group of security guards hurried over in a fumbling manner. To them, every guest
at the banquet was a mover and shaker of Jadeborough. Therefore, they knew they couldn’t afford to
offend anyone.

“What is it, Mr. Crane?” the security guard asked sycophantically.

He recognized the middle-aged man as Victor Crane, Chairman of Crane Group. With a net worth of
only one to two hundred million, he wasn’t considered extremely wealthy. Or else, he wouldn’t be
seated in the last row next to the toilet.

Nevertheless, he was still someone the security guards couldn’t afford to offend.

“Throw this man out!” Victor pointed at Jonathan. “Have all of you been sleeping on the job? How can
you allow someone to sneak into the Blackwood family’s banquet without your knowledge? All of you
are nothing but trash. What’s the point of paying your salary?”

“What? Someone snuck in?” The security guards looked curiously at Jonathan after hearing what
Victor said. The Blackwood family was the most prominent in Jadeborough. Hence, there was no way
anyone could have snuck in.

“May I know if you have an invitation card?” The security guard didn’t dare infuriate Jonathan yet.

After all, they knew they couldn’t afford to offend anyone in the banquet.


Jonathan shook his head.

“In that case, how did you get in?” The guard’s expression drastically changed when he heard that
Jonathan didn’t have an invitation card.

How did he get in without one? This is a dereliction of our duty!

“Through the front door!” Jonathan declared calmly.

“Nonsense!” The moment Jonathan finished, Victor pointed at him. “He doesn’t even have an invitation
card. How could he have entered via the main entrance? Do you think the Blackwood residence is your

“It’s none of your business,” Jonathan snapped at Victor, who refused to let the matter slide. “Are you
the Blackwood family’s dog who’s in charge of guarding it?”

“What did you say?”

Victor was outraged by Jonathan’s words. “Security! What are you f*cking waiting for? Throw this
uninvited assh*le out right now!”

“Yes, Mr. Crane!”

The guards glared at Jonathan. “Since you don’t have an invitation card, please leave at once. Or else,
we will have to show you the way out.”

Now that they knew Jonathan didn’t have an invitation card, there was no need for the guards to be

They dared not get on the nerves of the Blackwood family’s guests, but an uninvited guest like
Jonathan wasn’t going to be an issue at all.

“Oh? What are you going to do about it?” Jonathan sneered.

“If you refuse to leave, we will have no choice but to throw you out!” the guard scoffed. With a wave of
his hand, a few guards behind him surrounded Jonathan with batons in their hands. “Seize him!”

At his cue, the guards prepared to strike with batons. However, Margaret pretended to be oblivious to
what was going on.

In fact, she was smiling smugly, as if she was looking forward to the drama that was about to occur.

Suddenly, Josephine interrupted with a frown, “I was the one who brought him in.”

Despite her hatred for Jonathan, she couldn’t bring herself to watch him being thrown out of the
Blackwood residence.

It would be an utter disgrace.

“You? Who are you?” Victor snorted. “Do you have an invitation card?”

“I do!”

Josephine brought out her invitation card. However, before she could say a word, Margaret quickly cut
ties between them. “Don’t listen to her. We didn’t bring him in. In fact, he has nothing to do with us!”


Josephine was exasperated by Margaret’s response.

“Josephine, he is a useless coward who doesn’t even have an invitation card. Why do you still care
about him?” Margaret mocked. “He deserves to be thrown out for sneaking in here!”

Just as she spoke, Margaret looked toward the security guards. “What are you spacing out for? Kick
him out already!”

“You can’t do that!” Josephine stepped forward to stop the guards.

“Josephine, step aside. What has he got anything to do with you? Do you know him?” Margaret quickly
drew a line between Jonathan and Josephine’s relationship. Just when both of them were in a
stalemate, Jonathan, who had been silent throughout, suddenly spoke. “Josephine, you don’t have to
protect me this way. Even if the head of the Blackwood family is right here, he won’t dare throw me out,
let alone a lowly security guard.”

“Jonathan, stop it. For how much longer you want to continue this act?” Jonathan’s tone caused
Josephine to lose her temper.

Doesn’t he realize how dire his situation is? He is about to be kicked out, and yet, continues with his
facade? Does he genuinely think he’s some big shot? If he really is one, why doesn’t he have an
invitation card?

“The head of the Blackwood family…” Victor couldn’t help but scoff, “You don’t deserve to even see
him! Who do you think you are? You’re nothing but a hoodlum without an invitation card. How dare you
claim the head of the Blackwood family doesn’t dare chase you out? In fact, there’s no need for him to
be here. Just the security guards alone are enough to throw you out!”

Evidently, Jonathan’s words were a joke to them. The moment he finished speaking, everyone burst
into hearty laughter.

Obviously, everyone felt that he was nothing but a clown.

“What are you waiting for? Throw him out right now!” At Victor’s cue, the security guards approached
Jonathan. Just when they were about to grab him, a thunderous voice rang out. “Stop! How dare you
touch him?”

Who is it? Why is there another busybody?

As if by reflex, everyone looked in the direction of the voice. The moment they saw who it was, they felt
a chill down their spines.

In fact, they were so shocked that they didn’t even dare to breathe.

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