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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 21

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Chapter 21 Get Out

What? The head of the Blackwood family has upset Asura?

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The moment he heard Jonathan’s reply, Harrison’s expression darkened. “Mr. Goldstein, how dare he!”

Does he know who Jonathan is? He is Asura, for goodness sake. Even Zachary, the King of War of
Jazona, has to kneel in front of Jonathan, let alone the lowly head of the Blackwood family. Does he
have a death wish by getting on Jonathan’s nerves?

“Actually, he didn’t upset me. Instead, he made my wife angry,” Jonathan casually explained. Given
that he didn’t even know who the head of the Blackwood family was, his toes weren’t the ones to be
trodden upon.

Nevertheless, an insult to Josephine was still an insult to him.

“Wife? Sir, since when did you get married?” Harrison was confused.

He realized that other than having seen Jonathan before, he knew nothing else about him.

“My wife is a member of the Smith family, and they are at odds with the Blackwood family. Did you
know that?” Jonathan plainly asked.

“The Smith family?”

Harrison pondered a moment. “Is the Smith family you mentioned the same one that had been cheated
one billion in a contract by the Blackwood family?”

“Cheated one billion?” Jonathan’s eyebrows furrowed intensely. He only knew the Blackwood family
had offended the Smith family. However, he wasn’t aware that something like that had occurred.

“Mr. Goldstein, you didn’t know?” Harrison gave Jonathan a look of surprise. “Prior to this, the
Blackwood family had developed an ecological park where half of it was located on the Smith family’s
land. Initially, the plan was for the Blackwood family to acquire it for a few hundred million. I’m sure
you’re aware that if the Blackwood family didn’t develop it, the land would be worthless to the Smith
family. In fact, they couldn’t even sell it for a hundred million.

“After that, they somehow got wind that the Blackwood family was planning to develop the land into an
ecological park. Therefore, they got greedy and increased the selling price to one billion.

“In the end, the head of the Blackwood family set up a trap in anger. Not only did they take over the
vast piece of land, the Smith family even ended up owing them one billion instead.”

The enmity between the Smith family and the Blackwood family had become a joke throughout

Whoever offended the Blackwood family in Jadeborough was courting their own doom.

Rumor had it that the head of the Smith family almost died of a heart attack when he realized they had
fallen into a trap. When Harrison first heard it, he simply saw it as a joke. But now that he knew
Jonathan’s wife was a member of the Smith family, his expression drastically changed. “Sir, why don’t
you leave this matter to me?”

“No, I’ll deal with it myself.” Jonathan waved his hand. Before Harrison could say another word, he was
swarmed by his associates at the banquet.

“Mr. Seymour!”

“Mr. Seymour!”

Given that Harrison was the most powerful man in Jadeborough, all of high society greeted him

After all, no one dared to disrespect him in his own territory.

“Everyone, look who we have here?” Just when everyone was greeting Harrison, Margaret’s sharp
eyes spied Jonathan by his side.

“It’s him!”

The moment he saw Jonathan, Connor was shocked. “How did he get in here?”

“Isn’t it obvious?” Margaret smirked. “I don’t know how that piece of the trash managed to crash the
party. Perhaps, he stole someone’s invitation card!”

From her perspective, Jonathan had no right to be at such an event.

The only explanation was that he had stolen an invitation card.

“Mom, Jonathan isn’t that kind of person,” Josephine snapped with a frown when she heard Margaret’s

Although she was disappointed in Jonathan, Josephine knew that he wasn’t one to steal.

“How do you know he didn’t? Josephine, you cannot judge a book by its cover. If you don’t believe me,
shall I call him over to check if he has stolen one?” Just as she spoke, Margaret got to her feet and
headed into the crowd where Jonathan was. She then yelled, “Jonathan!”

Surrounded by a group of guests, Jonathan looked up when he heard his name being called. When he
saw it was Margaret and Josephine, he walked over to them. “Dad, Mom, Josephine-”

“Don’t call me Mom. I’m not your Mom,” Margaret scoffed. She didn’t acknowledge Jonathan as her
son-in-law at all. “Tell me, whose invitation card did you steal to get in here?”

“Steal?” Jonathan frowned at the accusation. “I didn’t steal anyone’s invitation card!”

I am the great Asura! Why would I need to do that?

“Why won’t you admit it?” Margaret scoffed as she was adamant that Jonathan had stolen one. She
sneered, “If you didn’t steal, how did you get in here?”

“I don’t need one to enter!” Jonathan explained.

“Don’t need one?” Margaret felt as if she had heard the greatest joke ever. “Jonathan, who are you
kidding? Do you know how much an invitation card to the Blackwood family’s banquet is selling for
now? One million! Even then, it’s still hard to procure one. And yet, you tell me you don’t need one?
Who do you think you are?”

Margaret glared at Jonathan as if he was a thief. “Josephine, look at this coward. It’s one thing if he is
useless, but to boast and lie? I really don’t know what you see in this piece of trash!”

“The fact that I’m Jonathan Goldstein is enough.” Faced with Margaret’s repeated ridicule, Jonathan
was visibly upset. “Who dares to stop me if I insist on entering?”

“Come on. It’s time to drop that act. There’s no way you can enter the Blackwood family’s main
entrance just by flashing your name alone,” Margaret scoffed. “Fine, since you insist you don’t need an
invitation card, then tell me, how did you get in? Don’t tell me you sneaked in by climbing over the
walls? Although, it wouldn’t be a surprise as only you are capable of such a misdemeanor.”

Margaret didn’t hide her contempt for Jonathan at all. When Jonathan heard her remarks, he replied
flatly, “I entered via the front door!”

“How dare you walk through the front door?” Margaret sneered in response. Just when she was about
to continue, a loud voice suddenly rang out. “Who? Who dared to sneak in here?”

“He’s the one!” Margaret pointed at Jonathan with disdain.

“It’s a disgrace that someone has paid money to buy an invitation card to come here. And now, what’s
this I hear about someone sneaking in?” A middle-aged man dressed in a suit and leather shoes
pointed his finger at the security guard. “Guard, come over here. Take this trespasser and throw him

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