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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 20

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The Legendary Man Chapter 20

Mr. Goldstein?

When he heard the familiar greeting, Jonathan turned around by reflex.

He then saw a man in his forties dressed in a sharp black suit and leather shoes. With a group of
bodyguards behind him, the man trembled at the sight of Jonathan.

In fact, his eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Do you know me?”

Jonathan furrowed his eyebrows, as he didn’t recognize the middle-aged man at all.

“It really is you, Mr. Goldstein!” The middle-aged man widened his eyes the moment he heard Jonathan
speak. Even his lips began to tremble. Feeling his legs give way, he dropped to his knees with a thump
in front of Jonathan. “Harrison Seymour, former platoon leader of the second platoon of Fang Dragon
Guards, at your service, Mr. Goldstein!”

Former platoon leader of the second platoon?

Jonathan glanced at him plainly.”So you’re from the Fang Dragon Guards?”

No wonder he knows who I am!

Fang Dragon Guards was one of the Four Asura Guards established by Jonathan. Therefore, as a
former platoon leader within the Fang Dragon Guards, it wasn’t a surprise for Harrison to recognize


“Yes, Mr. Goldstein!” Kneeling on the ground, Harrison didn’t dare get up. “One year ago, when you
went missing, I left Fang Dragon Guards and went back home. However, I didn’t expect to run into you

Harrison didn’t hide his admiration for Jonathan at all.

Three years ago, Jonathan led the Four Asura Guards to wipe out the enemies within the nation. As a
member of the Fang Dragon Guards, Harrison saw Jonathan’s face with his own eyes from afar.

During that time, the almighty Jonathan, who was overlooking the entire operation, was exactly like a

However, when Jonathan disappeared one year ago, he felt disheartened and left the army for home.
Therefore, he was surprised to run into Jonathan in the small city of Jadeborough.

“Get up!”

Only after Jonathan waved his hand did Harrison get up to his feet. However, one of the bodyguards
couldn’t help but yell, “Mr. Seymour, is this a mistake? Isn’t he the poor b*stard that can’t afford a luxury
car? Why are you kneeling to him?”

Harrison was the most ruthless man in Jadeborough.

One year ago, he came to Jadeborough and made a name for himself in a very short time, earning him
the moniker.

Therefore, no one in Jadeborough dared to disrespect him.

Even the mayor of Jadeborough had to acquiesce to him.

There were no exceptions, as Harrison had shown the locals their place.

Considering how ruthless he was, Harrison surprised his bodyguards when he knelt in front of a broke
young man who didn’t even have a hundred in his pocket.

How is this possible? Mr. Seymour must have gotten the wrong guy!


Before the bodyguard could finish, Harrison slapped him so hard that a tooth flew out of his mouth. At
the same time, blood oozed out of the corner of his mouth.

“Kneel!” Harrison ordered.

Without another word, the bodyguard dropped to his knees fearfully. “Mr. Seymour, I…”

“What did you just call him? A poor bästard?” Harrison’s face darkened at once. With a murderous look
in his eyes, he suddenly looked like the most ruthless man in Jadeborough again. It was a huge
contrast to when he spoke to Jonathan with a quavering voice while being on his knees.

“Do you know who he is? Even the head of the Blackwood family has to kneel before him, let alone
you. And yet, you dare call him a poor b*stard?”

Snorting, Harrison waved the bodyguard away without even looking at him. “Men, cut off his legs and
feed him to the fishes in Goda River!”

“Yes, Mr. Seymour!”

Without any hesitation, Harrison’s other bodyguards dragged the guilty bodyguard deep into the woods.

They didn’t dare take action in front of Harrison for fear of sullying his eyes.

“Mr. Seymour, please have mercy. I admit that I was blind. Mr. Seymour, just think of me like an insect
and let me go.”

At that moment, the bodyguard was finally seized by fear.

With his knees buckling, he peed his pants that very instant.

When Jonathan saw how terrified the bodyguard was, he furrowed his eyebrows slightly. “Forget it,
release him!”

“Yes, Mr. Goldstein.”

Harrison complied with Jonathan’s orders without a second thought. Hence, he waved his hand and
ordered, “Let him go.”

Upon receiving the instructions, Harrison’s subordinates released the bodyguard. The moment he was

set free, he dropped to his knees and prostrated in front of Jonathan. “Thank you, Mr. Goldstein. Thank
you, Mr. Seymour, for sparing me.”

“Hmph! If Mr. Goldstein weren’t here, you would have suffered a fate worse than death itself!” Harrison

scoffed before stomping on his neck. “Get lost!”

The kick caused the bodyguard to sprawl on the ground. After that, Harrison bowed slightly and
respectfully ushered Jonathan ahead. “Mr. Goldstein, this way, please.”


Jonathan nodded before heading into the Blackwood residence.

With Harrison by his side, no one dared to stop Jonathan for the rest of his way. At the same time,
Harrison looked as if he was Jonathan’s lowly subordinate. With a respectful tone, he probed, “Mr.
Goldstein, where were you for the past year?”

He finally got the burning question off his chest.

Back then, Jonathan, as Asura, had eradicated all of the nation’s enemies. However, he suddenly
disappeared after that.

Some speculated that he had retired into seclusion, while others claimed that he was dead.

Hence, when Harrison heard the rumors, he scorned them and declared them to be nonsense.

There’s no way Asura is dead because no one in this world is capable of killing him.

“In prison!” Jonathan replied casually.

“Prison?” Harrison was stunned. “How did you end up there?”

“I was searching for something.” Jonathan wasn’t bothered to explain. “Anyway, I can see that you
have done well for yourself in Jadeborough after leaving the army.”

“Mr. Goldstein, if it pleases you, I can give everything to you,” Harrison offered without a second
thought. “If it weren’t for you back then, I wouldn’t even be here today.”

“I have no interest in such things.” Jonathan replied with a wave of his hand. “Everything here belongs
to me. Why would I want anything of yours?”

“I’m sorry to have offended you with a slip of the tongue, Mr. Goldstein. Please don’t be angry.” Jolted
by Jonathan’s words, Harrison slapped himself on his mouth.


When he saw Harrison’s reaction, Jonathan knitted his eyebrows. “I’m here today to see the head of
the Blackwood family. Do you know him?”

“I do!” Harrison nodded.

“Mr. Goldstein, do you have some business with him?”


Jonathan added, “He has gotten on my nerves!”

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