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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 19

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The Legendary Man Chapter 19

Sebastian had arrived at the party with his son.

Compared to the Smiths, the Langfords were clearly more important guests as someone promptly
hurried over to welcome them before leading them to their seats in the third row.

If one were not worth billions, one would not be qualified to sit in the first three rows at the Blackwood
family’s party.

“Mr. Langford!” Margaret called out from afar.

Hearing her voice, Sebastian turned around. His expression immediately darkened when he realized it
was Margaret who had greeted him.

Alvin was already clenching his jaw, trying to suppress his rage at the sight of Josephine.

Acting like she had not seen their reactions, Margaret dragged her family over to them. “Mr. Langford,
what a coincidence to run into you here!” she said in a shameless manner.

She then tugged at Josephine’s arm and urged, “Josephine, where are your manners? Come on, greet
Mr. Langford.”

However, Josephine felt awkward as memories from the previous day’s events were still fresh in her
mind. She never expected to run into the Langfords so soon. “Mr. Langford,”

“There’s no need to greet me. Why are you here?” Sebastian questioned, his lips drew back in a snarl.

“The Blackwood family extended an invitation to us, of course,” Margaret answered politely.

“Hah! They extended an invitation?” Sebastian laughed. “Who are you for them to extend an invitation?
Hugo might have the right to attend the party, but you don’t deserve to be here.”

He did not bother concealing his disdain for Margaret.

Hearing his haughty remark, Margaret paled. “Mr. Langford, what do you mean by that?”

“You know what I mean,” came Sebastian’s curt reply. With a face like a thundercloud, he announced,
“Margaret, the Smith family is doomed!”

“Mr. Langford, please tell me what’s going on.” Margaret panicked at the sight of Sebastian’s scowl. /
remember how happy he was yesterday when he told me it would be easy to solve our family’s crisis.
Why is he going back on his word?

“You should ask your beloved daughter that question,” Sebastian answered icily before turning to his
son. “Come on, Alvin. Let’s go.”

“Yes, Father!” Alvin responded.

He gave both Margaret and Josephine a hateful look before stalking away.

“Josephine, what happened?” Margaret burst out angrily once they were out of sight. “Did you stir up
trouble again?”

“I didn’t do that…” Josephine said as she nibbled on her bottom lip, seemingly seized with a qualm of
uneasiness. “It was Jonathan who gave Alvin a beating!”

“What?” Margaret’s eyes blazed with anger. “That piece of trash! How dare he beat Sebastian’s son
up? Is he that eager to meet his doom? That son of a bitch!”

Her chest heaved angrily, the anger in her eyes replaced by hatred. I wish I could rip that b*stard apart!
It took me ages before I could establish connections with the Langford family, but that loser rendered
my efforts down the drain!

“Stop shouting like a madwoman. Perhaps Jonathan has been denied entry into the Blackwood
residence. There’s no use shouting here.” Josephine glared at her mother as she sighed inwardly.

I’ve also offended the Langford family! No one will save us now.

Just as Margaret was yelling indoors, Jonathan appeared at the entrance of the Blackwood residence,
closing the distance with quick strides.

Before he could enter, the security guard stopped him. “Please show your invitation card!”

“What is that? I don’t have one.” Jonathan answered with a frown.

“Why bother coming if you don’t have an invitation card?” The security guard instantly shooed him
away. “Scram! Don’t block the entrance!” he barked impatiently.

“Tell the head of the Blackwood family that Jonathan Goldstein is here to see him. Ask him if I can enter
without an invitation card,” Jonathan commanded, his stern tone of voice brooked no rejection.

I can understand if the general public is unaware of my identity, but the head of the most affluent family
in Jadeborough should know.

“Who the f*ck is Jonathan Goldstein? I’ve never heard of that name. You’d better leave now, or I’ll
throw you out!” the security guard threatened.

Just today itself, at least dozens of people have tried to sneak into the Blackwood residence on this
special occasion, just like this so-called Jonathan Goldstein. There’s no way I’ll fall for your cheap trick.

Dream on!

“Throw me out?” Jonathan laughed out loud in disbelief. “You should ask the head of the Blackwood
family if he dares to do so!”

An invitation card? I, Asura, have conquered the world. No one can stop me from going anywhere! I
can even intrude on the governor’s residence, let alone the Blackwood residence. How dare they deny
me entry?

“Stop pretending to be a big shot. You don’t even have an invitation card,” the security guard jeered.
“Young man, I warn you not to kick up a fuss unless you have a death wish. Do you know who gets
invited to this party?”

As he spoke, he pointed at a car parked near the entrance. “See that Bugatti Veyron? It costs eight
million! That Rolls-Royce is worth thirty million! Even those Bentleys cost five million each!”

After making sure Jonathan took everything in, he concluded, “See for yourself. Everyone who attends
the Blackwood family’s party owns at least one car worth five million and has a net worth of at least one
hundred million. Look at your shabby outfit. I bet you can’t even fork up five hundred!”

The security guard had worked for the Blackwood family long enough to recognize big shots. The big
shots that he knew drove expensive cars and wore custom-made suits worth up to hundreds of
thousands. Jonathan, however, was clad in a cheap outfit. It might not even cost one hundred.

Ha! I can‘t believe he’s bold enough to come to the Blackwood family’s party. What a fool.

“So what? Is owning luxury cars that important?” Jonathan asked calmly, not the slightest bit unnerved
by the security guard’s remarks. If I want, I can summon dozens of helicopters worth millions to give

a ride in an instant!

“Ugh, stop making up lies and scram!” the security guard snapped. He whipped out his baton and was
about to chase Jonathan away when a trembling voice sounded from some distance away. “A–Are you
Mr. Goldstein

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