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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 18

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The Legendary Man Chapter 18

Soon came the next day-the birthday of Anderson Blackwood.

As the head of the most affluent family in the whole of Jadeborough, his birthday party was attended by
distinguished figures from all over the city.

In other words, the birthday party was, in fact, a gathering for the upper-class society. Those who
wanted to climb up the rungs of the social ladder would do anything to get an invitation card to the
party. It was rumored that someone had offered eight hundred thousand just to buy one.

Even so, no one was willing to sell it.

The backyard of the Blackwood residence had an area of about a few hundred square meters.

At that moment, it was packed to the brim, with most of the guests being respectable figures in
Jadeborough, including chairpersons of construction companies, managers of shopping malls, and
government officials from different departments.

In other words, all the rich and powerful big guns of Jadeborough were there.

It was a splendid party where everyone could not help but be floored by the Blackwood family’s

That was the sight that greeted Josephine, Margaret, and Connor when they arrived in the backyard.

Although Margaret often oppressed and insulted Jonathan in a savage manner, she was not important
enough to get a seat in the first ten rows.

With a social standing like theirs, they could only take their seats in a corner in the last row.

If Connor’s father, Hugo Smith, were not too proud to attend the party, they would not have gotten the
opportunity to take their seats in the last row.

“So this is what the most influential family in Jadeborough is capable of. What a grand party!” Margaret
commented after they took their seats.

She was already in her forties, but it was actually her first time attending such a posh party.

So this is what an upper-class social event looks like. I’ve always wondered what it is like. Now, I finally
get to see it with my own eyes!

“Shush, keep it down. You don’t want the other guests to overhear your comments and ridicule us, do
you?” Connor gestured for her to lower her voice. “They might think we’re country bumpkins!”

“Ridicule us? None of them had spared us a glance!” Margaret pursed her lips.

No one would pay attention to us three when our seats are the least favorable ones in the entire
backyard, only a few meters away from the bathroom!

“You were the one who demanded to attend the party!” Connor complained. “I told you Jonathan
wouldn’t make it in, but you insisted on coming to watch him make a fool of himself. What if we ended
up being the laughing stock instead of him?”

He had no intention of attending the Blackwood family’s party where everyone would make fun of him.

After all, the Smith family was not qualified enough to attend a party of such scale.

The Blackwoods only sent the invitations to them out of spite.

“You know nothing. One can’t attend a party for the upper-class society as one wishes. Do you know
how much an invitation card to this birthday party cost? A million! Our invitation cards cost three million

altogether!” Margaret revealed with her lips pursed in contempt.

I’ve never been to such a grand party, so it doesn’t matter if the guests ridicule us as long as I get to be
here. Besides, we‘ve already ended up as a laughing stock in Jadeborough from offending the
Blackwood family. Being held up as an object of ridicule again won’t bruise my pride.

“One million?” Josephine gasped in surprise at the exorbitant price.

Isn’t it too high a price just to buy an invitation card?

“You can’t even buy one even if you have one million!” Margaret said, chuckling lightly. “Josephine, the

guests at this party are all affluent and powerful figures in Jadeborough. Look closely and see if
any wealthy young man is here alone. Go to them and strike up a conversation. You might even find
yourself a rich husband!”

“Mom, what’s your real reason for coming here?” Josephine demanded, her brows drawing together in

Isn’t she here to attend the Blackwood family’s party? Why is she urging me to find a wealthy husband?

“What else?” Margaret rolled her eyes. “Why do you think I didn’t sell off the invitation cards for three
million? I wanted to give you an opportunity!”

“Mom, you…” Josephine choked with fury.

If I knew she had that plan in mind, I wouldn’t have agreed to attend the birthday party!

“Josephine’s been seeing Alvin from the Langford family, right? Why are you asking her to search for
another man?” Connor glanced at his wife out of curiosity.

“Again, you know nothing!” Margaret retorted. “Compared to the Blackwood family, the Langford family
is a nobody. I wouldn’t have allowed Josephine to make contact with him if we had a chance to get to
know a more prominent family.”

As a smug smile crept up her lips, she added, “Josephine’s gorgeous and young. Though she has
been married once, Jonathan never laid a finger on her. It’s a pity for her to marry Alvin. We only chose
him because he was our best choice at that time. But now that we have a chance to find a better man,
it’s time to cast him aside!”

Finally, Margaret revealed her real plan. Unfortunately, her daughter did not share her sentiment.
Josephine’s eyes turned bloodshot from the fury that raged within her as she questioned, “Mom, what
the hell are you talking about? What do you take me for?”

Though she had remained a virgin over the years, it did not mean she would give it up to anyone.

Otherwise, she would not have kept her chastity for the past three years and stayed away from other

“Josephine, you’re too young to understand. When you grow up, you’ll understand that I mean good for
you. Women should make full use of their advantages to get themselves a good husband. Marrying a
prat like Jonathan would only set your life for utter torture,” Margaret explained, for she had learned it
the hard way. “If I hadn’t been blind enough to marry your father, I wouldn’t have ended up in this

“Is it that bad to be my wife?” Connor retorted. Right after he said so, Margaret responded nastily, “of
course! Look, after marrying you, we can’t even afford a Mercedes-Benz. Look at my friends, they can
all afford BMWs and Mercedes-Benzs, but all you own is an old Volkswagen. You don’t even have the

money to fix the broken air conditioner. Well, I’d say you’re just slightly better than Jonathan.”

Margaret did not bother mincing her words, causing Connor’s face to flush in embarrassment. Before it
escalated into a full fight, Josephine interjected, “Stop it. You fight at home, and now you‘re fighting at
someone’s birthday party. Don’t you feel ashamed of yourselves?”

“Young woman, watch your tone!” Displeased at being lectured by her daughter, Margaret turned
around and rebuked at once. When she spun on her heels, a familiar figure caught her attention.
“Hey, look. Who is that?”

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