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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 17

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The Legendary Man Chapter 17

“What? Are you serious?” Margaret stared at Jonathan, thinking he was out of his mind for making
such a statement brazenly. “How will a loser like you do that, though? I don’t think you’ll even get to
meet Mr. Blackwood, let alone have him apologize.”

It was clear that Jonathan was boasting, for there was no way he would get to meet the head of the
Blackwood family with his lowly status. After all, the head of the Blackwood family, Anderson
Blackwood, was such an important figure that even the mayor of Jadeborough had to make an
appointment in advance to meet him.

She rolled her eyes at how arrogant Jonathan was.

The nerve of him to lie to us! Does he think we’re fools who will fall for his pompous lies?

“Give me one day. If I fail to do that, I will head to the City Hall with Josephine to file for divorce,” said

Jonathan, his eyes boring into Margaret’s. “But if I did it, you must give me your word not to force
Josephine to divorce me in the future!”

Margaret let out a mocking grunt before teasing, “Ha! If you succeed, I’ll even let Josephine marry you
one more time!”

She was obviously playing along to spite him, thinking he was building castles in the air.

I don’t think the even chairman of Langford Group, who is worth billions, would dare to make such a
promise. This loser is sure funny, huh? He’s daydreaming!

“It’s a deal then!” Jonathan gave a curt reply before turning to look at Josephine. “One day later, the
head of the Blackwood family shall come to offer his apology. Just you wait and see!”

“That’s enough, Jonathan. When will you drop the act?” Josephine snapped, resentment clouding her

To her, Jonathan had been bluffing all along.

“I’m not putting up an act. I am a man of my word!” Jonathan stated sternly. “All you have to do is
prepare to be a bride once more!”

“Well, Jonathan, if you’re that confident, why don’t you solve the problem at Anderson Blackwood’s
birthday party tomorrow?” Margaret suggested as an evil smirk spread all over her face.

All the prominent figures in Jadeborough would attend Anderson’s seventieth birthday party the next
day. After all his boasting, she could not wait to see how Jonathan would enter the Blackwood

“His birthday party is going to be held tomorrow? Sure, no problem!” Jonathan answered without
missing a beat.

Since he could solve the issue with just a phone call, there was no difference between solving it that
night itself or the next day.

“By the way, I forgot to tell you that you need an invitation card to enter the Blackwood residence.”
Margaret reminded him, her lips curling into a contemptuous grin.

“I don’t need one.” He was unperturbed by her words.

So what if I don’t have an invitation card? No one will dare to stop me from entering the Blackwood

“Let’s see how long you can keep that act up, b*stard.” Margaret snickered. “I’d better not see you

being denied entry at the gate!”

Jonathan merely answered, “I can go anywhere I like. No one is capable enough of stopping me.”

He cast one last look at Josephine before leaving in large strides. After his figure was out of their sight,
Josephine shot Margaret a look of resentment. “Mom, why did you ask him to attend the birthday party
when you know that he can’t even make it in without an invitation card?” she demanded.

The access to the Blackwood family’s party was so exclusive that even the Smith family only received a
few invitation cards.

In truth, the Blackwood family had sent them the invitations to insult them. Otherwise, they were not
even worthy of entering the Blackwood residence.

“Ha! He wants to make a fool out of himself, right? I merely gave him a chance to do so,” Margaret
answered with a snort. “Why, Josephine? Do you pity him? Didn’t you hear what he said? That he only
needs one day to order the head of the Blackwood family to get on his knees before you and
apologize? Isn’t that utter nonsense?”

She huffed angrily and rambled on about Jonathan’s faults. “Josephine, a prat like him doesn’t deserve
your pity. Since he insists on demeaning himself, we’ll let him have his way! After tomorrow, go to the
City Hall with him and get the divorce done. Once that’s settled, you are free to marry Alvin!”

Margaret beamed, lost in her own imagination. “The Langford family might not be on par with the

Blackwood family, but at least they can help to ease the pressure. Your grandfather nearly suffered
from a heart attack from his building anger.”

Hearing her mother’s words, Josephine parted her lips to say, “Mom, but,”

Before she could say anything, Margaret interrupted her, “Shush. No more buts. You’ve practically
been a widow for three years. Don’t tell me you intend on wasting your entire life on someone as
useless as him?”

“Mom’s right, Josephine. That man is nothing but a useless fool. Why did you marry him in the first
place? He even tried to take advantage of me earlier!” Emmeline piped up, fanning flames of hostility.

All she had for her loser brother-in-law was utter distaste.

“Emmeline, I want you to repeat the whole thing. Were you telling the truth just now?” Josephine’s icy
gaze petrified her sister, who immediately hung her head to avoid meeting her eyes.

Of all her family members, Emmeline feared Josephine the most.

“What’s wrong? Don’t tell me you think Emmeline lied,” Margaret interjected unhappily. “Emmeline’s a
good girl. Why do you choose to trust that loser instead of your sister?”

“Yes, why don’t you trust me? Why are you taking his side instead?” Emmeline said, regaining her
confidence once more with their mother’s support.

“All right. You want to earn my trust, right?” Josephine harrumphed. “Let’s ask the police to get the
surveillance footage from the bar tomorrow. I will make a police report to press charges on Jonathan if
you’re telling the truth. But if you’re lying on purpose to put the blame on him…” She did not finish her
sentence, but her warning was clear enough.

“No! You can’t call the police or get the surveillance footage!” Emmeline shrieked as anxiousness
clouded her features.

“Josephine, why did you take that b*stard’s side? Stop scaring your sister!” Margaret chided,

displeased at how overly aggressive Josephine was being. “Aren’t you afraid of ruining your sister’s
reputation if word gets out?”

“So her reputation is extremely important, but not Jonathan’s?” Josephine grunted in response. Though
she loathed Jonathan to the core, Emmeline’s deceit was too palpable.

“That loser’s reputation must’ve been in tatters!” Margaret snorted. “Who knows? Perhaps he had
committed various heinous crimes within the past three years! He might have returned to our family to
seek refuge after landing in trouble or offending someone. So what if Emmeline had indeed framed
him? A piece of trash like him has no reputation at stake. How could you compare him to Emmeline?”


Josephine was about to say something, but Margaret interrupted decisively, “All right. That’s it. On the
day after tomorrow, head to the City Hall with the scum and get the divorce all sorted out!”

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