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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 13

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Chapter 13 Why Are You Still Alive

Emmeline could never forget how useless her brother-in-law was. He idled around and never bothered
to get a job. Besides doing house chores, such as cooking, cleaning the dishes, vacuuming the floor,
and fixing the toilet, he was utterly incompetent.

No man was as useless and ridiculous as him.

She had looked down on Jonathan since the day he married into the Smith family.

I don’t understand what my sister sees in him. He’s ugly and useless. If Josephine hadn’t pitied him, he
would’ve been a singleton forever!

“Those men you were drinking with drugged your drink. I saved you from them!” Jonathan knew his
sister-in-law despised him, so he cut his explanation short.

However, she refused to believe him. Glaring at him with widened eyes, she snarled, “Drug? You’re
saying that they drugged me? It seems more like you’re the one who wants to do that!”

There’s no way they would’ve drugged me. Even if I were drugged, it must be Jonathan who did that!

Not in the mood to entertain her accusations, Jonathan rolled his eyes and replied curtly, “Whatever.”

If it were not for Josephine, he would have left her to die on the streets.

“Jonathan Goldstein, how dare you talk to me that way?” Emmeline growled, vexed with his attitude.

After marrying my sister, he had been polite and submissive to me. He never dared to raise his voice at
me, let alone talk to me in such a tone. I can’t believe he’s this rude after reappearing!

“Emmeline, if it weren’t for your sister, I would’ve ignored your plight. If I hadn’t helped you, those
hooligans would’ve raped you in the woods!” Jonathan shot her an icy glare. “Now that you’re awake,
you can choose to go home or keep drinking with your buddies. Feel free to do as you desire; it’s none
of my business!”

With that, he spun on his heels and stalked away.

Emmeline felt a stab of anger at his reaction. “Jonathan, stand right there!” she shouted.

Ignoring her cries, Jonathan continued to walk away. Left in a quiet and dark area where not a single
soul could be seen, Emmeline felt fear creeping into her heart. “Jonathan, if you don’t stop, I’ll call
Josephine and tell her you drugged me!” she shrieked.

“Emmeline, what on earth do you want?” Jonathan stopped in his tracks, his gaze impassive.

He owed Josephine, but that did not mean he was obligated to be nice to the Smith family.

That was why he could not conceal his dislike for Emmeline, who had insulted him on countless

“Give me a ride home!” Despite not meeting for three years, Emmeline still bossed Jonathan around.

“Can’t you walk? Or hail a taxi?” Jonathan asked, his voice cold.

“It’s too dark. I’m scared!” Emmeline harrumphed. “Jonathan, will you or will you not give me a ride
home? You stayed in our house three years ago. Can’t you send me home now? Are you that

Her resentment grew at how indifferent Jonathan was treating her.

Why is he this arrogant? Emmeline fumed inwardly. Just you wait, Jonathan. I shall teach you a lesson
once we get home!

“Come here!” Jonathan ordered.

“Why?” Emmeline shuddered at his tone.

“I’ll give you a ride home!”

In the end, Jonathan did not leave her there alone. No matter how much he disliked her, the young
woman was still Josephine’s sister. She will never forgive me if something happens to Emmeline!

“Hmph!” Emmeline snorted as she stood up, ready to go over to him.

However, the moment she got to her feet, her head started spinning.

An uncontrollable desire coursed through her entire being as her body temperature rose.

It was clear what that meant—she had been drugged!

Resisting the urge to throw herself into Jonathan’s arms, she panted as she made her way over to him.

“Jonathan, stay at least a meter away from me. Otherwise, I’ll tell Josephine that you tried to take
advantage of me!” she warned.

Even when she knew she had misunderstood Jonathan, she could not bring herself to apologize to him
and instead kept treating him rudely.

“I’m not interested in you.” Jonathan did not bother looking at her, for she was too skinny for his liking.

“Pfft!” Emmeline spat. “Not that I’m interested in you, of course. I’d rather get raped by those b*stards
than let you touch me! I have no idea why Josephine chose to marry a good-for-nothing like you!”

At the end of her sentence, she scoffed, her displeasure toward Jonathan increasing.


Hearing her malicious remarks, Jonathan looked over his shoulder abruptly. When Emmeline caught
sight of the murderous glint in his eyes, she could not help but shudder fearfully, feeling as if a lion had
targeted her as its prey.

“W-What do you want?” she asked nervously, scared out of her wits.

Instead of answering her, Jonathan merely glanced at her with wintry eyes and proceeded to flag down
a taxi.

In less than thirty minutes, the vehicle rolled to a stop before a high-end residential area.

Brocade Park was where the rich of Jadeborough gathered.

The houses here cost around twenty to thirty thousand per square meter, even though Jadeborough
was only a third-tier city.

“Pay the fare!” Jonathan stated as he opened the door before glancing at Emmeline in the backseat.

“Ha! I was right. Even after going missing for three years, you still can’t afford a taxi fare! You’re no
doubt a loser, Jonathan!” Emmeline remarked, rolling her eyes.

She did not even bother to hide her disdain. He had been away for three years, yet he couldn’t even
fork up enough money to pay a taxi fare. If I were him, I would’ve jumped off a cliff out of

After paying the fare, Emmeline click-clacked into the residential area in her high heels. Behind her,
Jonathan once again entered the place where he had been humiliated thoroughly three years ago.

Ding dong!

Emmeline pressed on the doorbell, and someone opened the door swiftly. However, when the person
spotted Jonathan, her face fell, and she barked, “Jonathan Goldstein? Why are you here? Why are you
still alive?”

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