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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 10

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Chapter 10 Cannot Afford To Trifle With

Alvin stared intently at Jonathan, his eyes flashing with deep hatred.

This can’t be possible! No way! Jonathan’s nothing but a loser!

When Alvin first set his eyes on Josephine, he had sent someone to investigate her ex-husband and
realized the latter was merely a live-in son-in-law who married into the Smith family because he was
hunted down. If Josephine had not saved his life, Jonathan would have been killed by his enemy ages

There’s no way this loser is a commander! Even if all the men in this world are dead, Jonathan would
still be too useless to be one.

“Who the hell are you, Jonathan Goldstein?” Alvin demanded, his jaw tightly clenched.

As the only son of the chairman of Langford Group, it was humiliating for him to be forced to a corner
by a useless live-in son-in-law. What will others think of me if this gets out?

“I’m someone you can’t afford to trifle with!” Jonathan scoffed. “Remember, if I ever find you pester
Josephine again, Langford Group shall cease to exist!”

It was an explicit threat.

Infuriated by his blatant intimidation, Alvin glared at him viciously. If looks could kill, Jonathan would
have been ripped into pieces by then.

Alas, his glare did not even faze Jonathan, who turned to Josephine and said, “Josephine, I don’t know
what trouble your family has gotten into, but no matter what it is, I can deal with it. You don’t have to
marry someone you have no feelings for just because of a trivial matter!”

A trivial matter?

Upon hearing his words, those around him raised their brows skeptically.

It was common knowledge that the Smith family had offended the most influential family in
Jadeborough—the Blackwood family. In fact, when the Blackwood family sneezed, Jadeborough would
catch a cold.

The Smith family was in a hurry to marry Josephine off to Alvin so that they could join forces with
Langford Group and thus defend themselves against the Blackwood family.

“That’s enough, Jonathan!” Josephine hollered. “I don’t care what big shot you’ve met out there or how
you’ve ratted on someone to gain their favor, but don’t forget that they can’t protect you forever!”

She took a deep breath before adding, “Once they get rid of you, you’ll be nothing! Don’t you know
yourself well? You can’t solve my family’s problem, so scram! I don’t want to see you ever again!”

It seemed like she used all her energy to howl that last sentence out loud.

After all, she knew what Jonathan was like—lazy and idle!

He was good at doing the house chores, but that was about it.

Thus, she refused to believe that Jonathan had become a big shot after going missing for three years.

There was no way he could have gained power when the Jonathan she knew was an indolent man who
never had a proper job and a coward who never retaliated no matter how badly they treated him.

The only plausible explanation was that he had won the favor of a big shot or sacrificed something to
gain their backing.

Even so, to Josephine, it was not a reliable solution. Once the bigwigs had no use of him and cast him
aside, the people he once offended would get back at him. Without a sanctuary, Jonathan would be
easy prey.

“A big shot’s favor?”

Realization dawned on Jonathan as he burst into laughter. “Josephine, do you know that the people
you consider as ‘big shots’ are nothing more than ants to me? None of them dare to call themselves big
shots before me, for I’m the most influential person in this world!”

In the span of two years, Asura had dominated the world and restored peace to the society.

His glorious achievements made him practically invincible.

No one would dare to defy a Decree of Asura.

Even the mayor of Jazona had to get on his feet before him.

“Jonathan Goldstein, you’re nuts!” Josephine could no longer stand how arrogant Jonathan was. “You
should seek treatment as soon as possible!” she snapped.

With that, she spun on her heels and stalked off.

She refused to cast even another glance at him.

The reason she showed up there that day was to use the Langford family’s influence to deal with the
Blackwood family. Unfortunately, since Jonathan had offended Alvin, there was no use for her to stay
around any longer.

“Josephine!” Jonathan called out, but she did not even look over her shoulder or respond to his call.

Seeing how determined she was to leave, he immediately went after her.

Once he left, the tense atmosphere in the room promptly lightened up.

Grabbing the chair for support, Alvin finally got to his feet and stared at Jonathan’s retreating figure with
a hateful gaze.

Being the only son of the chairman of Langford Group, he had never received such humiliating
treatment in his lifetime. The fact that Jonathan had trampled over his pride enraged him, and he
refused to let the matter slide.

“Mr. Langford, you must teach him a lesson. He was so arrogant!”

“Yes! Did you hear how he claimed to be the most influential person in the world? He must be out of his

“Oh, perhaps he has just escaped from an asylum!”

Once Jonathan was gone, all the fear the group of people had toward him fled their minds, and they
started mocking him one after another.

“Nonsense! Didn’t you hear what Josephine said? He must’ve gotten lucky to get recognized by a big
shot. Otherwise, why would Andrew Morsley treat him with the utmost respect?”

“Perhaps he sold himself to a big shot. Don’t forget that some influential people have certain fetishes!”
someone jeered, and the rest shared knowing looks.

“Enough. Can’t you just shut the f*ck up?” Just when they were ridiculing Jonathan, Alvin slammed his
palm on the table heatedly.

“Jonathan, no matter what big shot you’re currying favor with, don’t forget that we’re in Jadeborough!
This is my family’s territory. No matter who you are, you’re no match for us! In less than three days, I’ll
make sure you grovel at my feet for forgiveness! When that happens, you shall know who calls the
shots in Jadeborough,” he declared indignantly.

Right then, Alvin had only one thought in his mind—he wanted Jonathan dead.

Besides Jonathan, he also wanted the entire Smith family to pay the price.

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