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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 Shall Be Executed

The loud noise shocked everyone on the scene.

Just when they instinctively looked toward the direction of the sound, they saw hundreds of armed
soldiers rushing in through the door.

The soldiers, clad in military uniform, strode in with rifles in their hands. Once they entered the scene,
they surrounded everyone in a swift and orderly manner.

Needless to say, everyone else was baffled. Even Greg Jawson, who Alvin invited, had no idea what
was going on.

The same thoughts raced across their minds.

Why is the military here? And why are they acting as though they are in a war as soon as they show

“Who are you? What are you doing?” Greg barked at the soldiers. Though the police and the military
were from different systems, they were all under the jurisdiction of the governor of Jazona.

Why are the soldiers pointing their rifles at us? Are they trying to stage a coup?

Alas, no one responded to his yell, for the rifles were still aimed at him ruthlessly. Right then, a middle-
aged military officer dressed in his uniform strolled over to him. At the sight of that officer, Greg felt his
stomach churn.

Andrew Morsley? Why is this plague here?

The person Greg feared the most in Jadeborough was not his superior but Andrew Morsley, whose
name instilled fear in the masses in Jadeborough.

Andrew was the division leader of the Divine Dragon Guards in Jadeborough, one who possessed
great authority.

Known for being hot-tempered, he would even disregard the mayor of Jadeborough in a fit of fury!

The Divine Dragon Guards belonged to the Four Asura Guards, who aided Asura tremendously during
his conquest of the world.

To achieve so, they must have wiped out countless enemies.

“Colonel Morsley, w-why are you here?” Greg greeted Andrew, his voice stuttering. However, just as he
lifted his leg to take a step forward, a gunshot suddenly pierced through the air and hit the ground
beneath his foot.

It was less than a centimeter away from piercing into his toe!

“Cut the nonsense. If you give your guns up, we’ll spare your lives. Hands behind your head! Get down
on the floor!” Andrew ordered without even sparing him a glance. “From now onward, those who resist
shall be executed!”

Seeing that Andrew refused to budge, Greg demanded anxiously, “Colonel Morsley, I’m from the Vice
Enforcement Division. What right do you have to confiscate our guns?”

If news about me getting my gun confiscated got out, how can I bring myself to face the public going
forward? Greg thought, concerned about his pride as the head of the Vice Enforcement Division.

“Say another word, and I’ll have you killed!” Andrew shot him a vicious glare that rendered him

Though Greg was usually an arrogant person, he was a nobody before Andrew.

After he gave his gun up, his subordinates did the same for fear of losing their lives. After all, their guns
were no match for the soldiers’ rifles.

“Andrew, I demand an explanation. Otherwise, I will file a complaint and make sure it reaches Asura’s
ears! What right do the Divine Dragon Guards have to confiscate my gun?” Greg exclaimed as anger
welled up in his chest.

He initially came after receiving Alvin’s invitation to earn some extra income, but instead of getting what
he came for, the Divine Dragon Guards confiscated his guns.

Thus, he would not let this slide without a satisfactory explanation.

“You want an explanation?” Andrew glared at him icily. “I suspect that you’re involved in drug trafficking.
Is that reason enough?”

That one sentence struck them like a bolt of lightning, leaving the police officers speechless.

Isn’t that the reason we used to trouble Jonathan earlier? Why is the military accusing us using the
same reason?

“Andrew Morsley, just you wait. I won’t let this slide! I’ll definitely lodge a complaint!” Greg declared with
gritted teeth.

Clearly, he was smoldering with rage after hearing Andrew’s shameless excuse.

“I’ll wait for that to happen!” Andrew replied without even glancing at him.

Waving his hand, he ordered, “Take the rotten officers of the Vice Enforcement Division back to our
base! If someone resists, punish them accordingly!”

“Yes!” his subordinates roared.

Their response was loud and mighty, something the police officers of the Vice Enforcement Division
would never match up to.

In less than a minute, the arrogant police officers were dragged out by the soldiers, including the officer
who had his wrist broken. He was picked up from the floor and thrown out of the room without mercy.

Everyone present started fearing for their safety, worried that they would be the next to get arrested.

Andrew did not even bother to look at them as he strode over to Jonathan solemnly. Contrary to
everyone else’s expectations, he bent his knees to kneel before the latter instead of arresting him.

However, before he could do so, he caught a glimpse of Jonathan’s warning gaze.

At once, Andrew halted his movement and straightened his body. Raising his right arm, he saluted
Jonathan. “Commander, we’ve arrested all the enemies. I await your instructions on how to proceed!”


Astonished, everyone could not resist the urge to turn their heads and face Jonathan.

They could not believe their ears.

What is that about? Why did he call him “Commander”? Isn’t Andrew the division leader of the Divine
Dragon Guards in Jadeborough? Jonathan is his commander? This can’t be real. It must be a joke!

After all, those in Jazona knew Andrew only had one commander, and that was Zachary Lint, King of
War of the Divine Dragon Guards.

Zachary controlled the entirety of Jazona, and everyone had to show him respect, regardless of their

That was all because he was one of the four Kings of War under Asura.

“Mm!” Jonathan gave him a dismissive wave. “That’s it. You can leave now.”

“Yes, Commander!”

Without hesitation, Andrew turned around and issued an order to his subordinates while swinging his
arm down. “Take them all away!”

As swiftly as they came, the hundreds of soldiers promptly left with the Vice Enforcement Division

Everyone could tell that they were well-trained as their moves were synchronized as one.

After those soldiers filed out, everyone else gazed at Jonathan fearfully. They could not believe their

Did this loser just order Andrew, the Divine Dragon Guards’ division leader in Jadeborough, around?
Look at how the latter obeyed his orders obediently! Could it be that he had a fortuitous encounter
during the past three years?

All of a sudden, they started deliberating over Jonathan’s identity.

“Alvin, what other tricks do you have up your sleeve?” While everyone was deep in thought, Jonathan
glanced at Alvin and uttered calmly, “If this is the extent of your tricks, that’s too disappointing.”

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