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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 Not Selling Even For A Billion

“I made it myself!”

No matter how they derided him, Jonathan remained unfazed.

In fact, he couldn’t even be bothered to entertain them.

Thirty or fifty? They might not be able to buy this necklace in my hand even if they spend thirty or fifty
million! I once found this necklace at the residence of the most prominent family in the West Region
back when I went to battle there. It’s rumored that this piece of jade alone is worth more than a hundred
million! What’s more, I carved it myself using a year’s time! Its value has long since exceeded a billion!

One of Josephine’s good friends curled her lips and commented, “You made it yourself? Then it’s even
more worthless! Who knows where you picked up a worthless beer bottle from the trash and shattered
it before threading a shard onto the necklace?”

Hah! I would never believe that he could afford to get her a piece of jade! How could a deadbeat who
has no job and lived off the Smith family for a whole year afford to buy a piece of jade worth hundreds
of thousands?

Another good friend of Josephine’s, likewise, curled her lips and echoed, “Hear, hear! You should take
into consideration Josephine’s status… Putting aside the fact that Mr. Langford gifted her a Seraphic
Star that costs eighteen million, even the gifts from us weren’t any cheaper than ten thousand. Look at
that necklace of yours! How are you not ashamed to gift it to someone else when it might not even be
worth a hundred?”

“Why would I be ashamed?” Jonathan wasn’t the least bit affected. “So what if he gifted her a Seraphic
Star that costs eighteen million? It’s no different from trash compared to this necklace! This necklace is

worth ten Seraphic Stars!”

When he said that, the crowd couldn’t resist rolling their eyes.

Good Lord! What a lunatic! He’s truly out of his mind! It’s worth ten Seraphic Stars? How could that
crappy necklace of his be worth more than a hundred million?

“That’s enough, Jonathan!” Josephine snapped at long last.

In the past, I only felt that he was no different than a ruffian who merely bumbles around and does
nothing since he hadn’t a job or any ambition. But today, I finally realized that he’s not only a ruffian
who loafs around but also a braggart who’s vain and loves making up lies! That necklace costs more
than a hundred million? I really can’t believe that he dares to say that! Does he have no shame?

She pointed at Jonathan and flipped her lid. “Get out of here! Don’t appear in front of me before you’ve
changed your habit of boasting and lying!”

I’ve really had enough! I initially thought that he would’ve changed those bad habits of his after having
been gone for three years, but I’ve never expected him to have gotten worse instead!

Jonathan quirked an eyebrow. “Do you think I’m lying? You think that I can’t afford to give you a gift
worth more than a hundred million and I’m deliberately blowing my own trumpet?”

“Are you not?”

Josephine’s expression turned increasingly chilly.

“Ha!” Jonathan snorted even as a glimmer of disappointment flashed across his eyes. “Josephine, you
still don’t understand me all that well. Throughout the four years I’ve been married to you, I’ve never
once uttered a single falsehood or lied to you! Even if you want the entire world, I can give it to you
anytime, let alone a mere gift costing more than a hundred million!”

Good grief! He has gone mad! He’s truly out of his mind!

That was the crowd’s first reaction.

Not only is he out of his mind, but he’s totally bonkers! He’s daydreaming, even daring to declare that
he could give her the whole world if she so wanted it! Where did he get the guts to say such a thing
when he’s a live-in son-in-law who married into her family? How shameless!

“Just leave, Jonathan! I don’t want to see you! Nor do I want to say another word to you! I find it
sickening to converse with you!” Josephine chased him out as though he was an annoying fly.

“It seems that you still don’t believe me.” Shaking his head, Jonathan held the necklace in the plastic
bag out to her. “Do you not want this necklace?”


With a swing of her hand, Josephine sent the necklace flying.

Then, a light thud sounded as the necklace flew right out the door and fell onto the ground.

“Jonathan, you should just leave. What’s the point of you staying when even Josephine has told you to
scram?” Right that moment, Ysobel seized the opportunity to kick him while he was down.

“Exactly! Just make yourself scarce instead of making a fool of yourself here!”

“What a disgraceful man! I really don’t understand why Josephine took an interest in him back then!”

Derisive voices rang out incessantly, one after another.

However, Jonathan wasn’t at all bothered. He couldn’t care less about those insignificant flies.

But at just that precise moment, an exclamation abruptly pierced the air from outside the door of the
private room. “Agate jadeite? My eyes aren’t deceiving me, yes? Is this truly agate jadeite?”

“That’s not quite possible, no? Hasn’t the agate jadeite disappeared when the most prominent family in
the West Region was decimated two years ago? How could it possibly appear in Jadeborough?”

“I’m certain! My eyes never fail me, and this is indeed the agate jadeite!”

Following that, the door of the private room was pushed open. An elderly man in black, traditional attire
with nary a strand of hair out of place walked into the room.

Behind him trailed a middle-aged man in a suit and wearing gold-rimmed glasses.

“Excuse me, but may I know whose necklace this is?” No sooner had the elderly man stepped into the
room than he lifted the necklace in his hand.

“It’s mine,” Jonathan admitted placidly.

“It’s yours?” A flash of excitement glinted in the elderly man’s eyes, and he hurried over to him. “May I
know where you got this necklace? And where did you procure this agate jadeite on it?”

“You know of the agate jadeite?” Surprise flooded Jonathan.

The elderly man feverishly gushed, “Of course I do! I once beheld the agate jadeite a few years ago,
but it disappeared after the decimation of the most prominent family in the West Region, the
Hachmeister family! Someone had long since offered two hundred million for it on the black market, but
still, he couldn’t buy it! How did you come into possession of it?”

Two hundred million?

The instance the crowd heard that figure, they all gasped in shock.

This crappy necklace is worth two hundred million? That’s insane!

“I came into possession of it by coincidence.” Jonathan didn’t want to explain too much.

Back then, he was the one who had decimated the most prominent family in the West Region, the
Hachmeister family. Hence, this agate jadeite wasn’t the only thing he got when he raided their

“I’m willing to pay two hundred million. Will you sell it to me?” The elderly man could distinctly tell that
Jonathan wasn’t willing to expound, so he didn’t ask further.

As long as he’s willing to sell this piece of agate jadeite to me, I don’t care where he got it from!

“Nope!” Jonathan declined right away without an ounce of hesitation.

“Two hundred and fifty million, then!” the elderly man offered, similarly not dithering at all.

Ever since the agate jadeite vanished two years ago, it had been priceless.

One might not even be able to buy it with three hundred million, much less two hundred million.

Jonathan’s brows knitted together. “I’ve said that I’m not selling it! This is a birthday gift to my wife!”

“Three hundred million!”

The elderly man held out three fingers.

“No! I’m not selling even if you offer me a billion!”

Jonathan didn’t even deign to spare him a look.

Hah! He wants to buy the agate jadeite I personally carved for a whole year with a mere three hundred

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