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Chapter 3 I Do Not Agree

Ysobel drawled with a sneer, “Of course! Isn’t it more than benevolent of her to have waited for you for
three whole years? Or did you expect her to live like a widow for the rest of her life?”

“Bring me to her!” Jonathan had no time to contend with her, for he only wanted to see Josephine as
soon as possible.

Snorting, Ysobel commented, “Why do you want to see her? To continue clinging on to her and
pestering her endlessly? Besides, what right do you have to go and see her?”

Verily, she looked down on a deadbeat like him from the depths of her heart.

He has married into the Smith family for three years, but he has never done anything good for the
family. He has merely been sitting around and making merry all day like a ne’er-do-well! If it weren’t for
the Smith family feeding him for the past three years, he would’ve long since starved to death! I really
don’t understand why Josephine had to marry a useless piece of trash like him when she has both
good looks and a perfect figure.

Jonathan then declared airily, “Don’t worry, for I won’t pester her! If she truly wants to marry that Mr.
Langford, I won’t stop her in the slightest! Furthermore, how is she going to marry someone else
without going through the divorce procedures with me?”

“Really?” Ysobel still felt a smidge skeptical.

In a mild voice, Jonathan asserted, “Why would I lie to you? I’ll naturally let her go if she has met
someone better.”

With a cold snort, Ysobel warned, “You’ve got that much self-awareness, at least! Let me warn you that
Mr. Langford will have you beaten up if you dare go and make trouble, Jonathan! He has bodyguards

with him wherever he goes! You’d better behave if you don’t want to die!”

Having said that, Ysobel hailed a taxi. “Get in!” she ordered without sparing him a single glance.

“Phoenix International Hotel, please.”

When she had told the taxi driver her destination after getting into the taxi, the taxi sped off.

Throwing a glance at Jonathan, who sat in the front of his own accord, Ysobel harrumphed coldly.
Then, she took out her phone and sent Josephine a message that read: Josephine, I bumped into
Jonathan on my way.

The moment the message went out, Josephine, who was sitting at the dining table at the hotel,
trembled all of a sudden.

Even her hand that was holding her phone shook slightly.

Jonathan is back? Three years ago, he disappeared mysteriously, and there has been no news about
him. He has been missing for three long years! I thought that I would never hear from him again for the
rest of my life, but never have I expected him to appear before me again after three years!

In reply, she texted: Where is he?

In no time, Ysobel answered: He’s coming to Phoenix International Hotel with me.

When Josephine saw the contents of the message, her expression promptly changed.

He’s coming over here?

“What’s wrong, Josephine?” Alvin Langford, who was sitting beside her, hastily expressed his concern
upon noticing that her expression seemed off.

“It’s nothing.”

Josephine seemed calm and unruffled on the surface, yet a storm of emotions brewed endlessly within

“Don’t worry. As long as you marry me, the Langford family will naturally help to resolve the crisis faced
by the Smith family.” Alvin mistakenly assumed that she was fretting about the Smith family’s
predicament. “If you marry me, you’ll be part of the Langford family. At that time, who will still dare to
pick on you in Jadeborough? Who will still dare to pick on the Smith family?”

He had absolute confidence before her.

Although she had been married once, he wasn’t the least bit bothered.

After all, he had heard that despite her having married a good-for-nothing named Jonathan Goldstein
long ago, the man had never touched her in the past three years.

Therefore, she was still a virgin at present.

“Mr. Langford, I—”

Josephine was just about to say something, but Alvin cut her off, “All right. Let’s not talk about that
anymore. It’s your birthday today, so cheer up!”

While saying that, Alvin lifted his hand and snapped his fingers.

At once, a subordinate of his stepped forward with a gift box that appeared exceedingly luxurious
cradled in both hands.

“Please quieten down, everyone!” Alvin got up and waved a hand. Immediately, the originally
boisterous private room became so silent that one could hear a pin drop. “It’s Josephine’s birthday

today, so I especially bought her a Seraphic Star from abroad! It’s the only one of its kind in the entire
world and costs eighteen million!”

After Alvin had finished saying that, he reached out and flipped the gift box open.

In the gift box was a platinum necklace with an exquisite diamond.

It glittered brightly and resplendently.

Eighteen million?

Everyone was instantly shocked when that figure came out of Alvin’s mouth.

Oh my God, that diamond cost eighteen million! Yet, he’s giving it to her without an ounce of hesitation?

In a trice, everyone present looked at Josephine with envy written all over their faces.

Alas, they could only bottle their resentment up since they couldn’t do anything about it.

Oh well, she’s as pretty as a picture, so what does it matter even if she had been married? Besides,
her ex-husband died three years ago.

Someone at the side couldn’t resist urging when Josephine made no move to take the gift. “Why are
you spacing out, Josephine? Hurry up and accept Mr. Langford’s gift!”


Josephine abruptly snapped back to her senses.

Even she was taken aback by Alvin’s lavish gift of eighteen million right off the bat.

“Mr. Langford, t-this is too expensive. I can’t accept this…” Josephine declined, shaking her head.

Nonetheless, Alvin didn’t allow her the opportunity to turn down the gift. “Josephine, you can’t refuse
this, for this is my proposal gift to you! You’re the only one worthy of this Seraphic Star! To me, it’s as
pure as you!”

Josephine was stunned, clearly unable to wrap her head around it.

Proposal? He only mentioned that he wanted to celebrate my birthday when he asked me out today!
He didn’t say anything about proposing marriage!

“Uh, Mr. Langford…” Still stumped by his proclamation, she was somewhat lost.

“Why? Are you thinking of turning my proposal down?” Alvin’s expression darkened a shade when she
didn’t accept the gift after such a long time. “Josephine, don’t tell me that you’re still pining after that
loser, Jonathan?”

I’m the only son of the Chairman of Langford Group! I can’t be inferior to a useless live-in son-in-law in
her heart, can I?

“O-Of course not!” Josephine hurriedly denied.

“What is it, then?” Alvin’s expression darkened further. “Josephine, I’ve waited for you for three whole

“Why are you still hesitating, Josephine? Hurry up and accept the gift! If you continue tarrying, Mr.
Langford will get angry! You should know full well the consequences if he’s irked.”

When Josephine still made no move to accept the gift, her good friends at the side quickly urged,
“Don’t tell me you’re still yearning for that dud? What right does he have to compare with Mr. Langford?
He’s nothing in comparison! He has no money, yet neither does he have any ambition. He doesn’t even
have a proper job, and he has only been relying on the Smith family for a living! If it weren’t for your

family, he would’ve starved to death long ago! Furthermore, he has been gone for three years, so he
might have kicked the bucket ages ago! Why are you still pining after a dead man?”

Josephine was in no hurry, but her friends around her were frantic, each worse than the last.


She was just about to say that Jonathan was still alive, but Alvin interrupted her before she could
speak. “Josephine, this is the last time I’m asking you this. Do you agree to marry me?”

“I don’t agree!”

Before Josephine could answer, the door of the private room was kicked open without warning.

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