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The Legendary Man Novel Chapter 2

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Chapter 2 Bumping Into The Witch

Jadeborough was a third-tier city.

In actual fact, it fell short of even being a third-tier city.

Many people fled the place as soon as they had money, heading toward the more prosperous and
developed capital cities or first-tier cities.

To Jonathan, however, Jadeborough was the place he had dreamed of countless times in the past
three years.

After all, someone whom he would never forget in his entire life was there, and that person was his
wife, Josephine Smith.

More accurately speaking, he had married into his wife’s family.

Four years ago, he was at a dead end after being set up.

His company had gone bankrupt, and he was being hunted by his debtors.

Just when he was heavily injured after having been slashed more than a dozen times and almost died
while fleeing, Josephine saved him.

Not only that, but she even paid off all his debts.

She only had one stipulation—marry her and be a live-in son-in-law.

The Smith family was a prominent family in Jadeborough, so he was certainly unworthy of marrying the
eldest daughter of the Smith family when his company had gone bankrupt and he was penniless back

After marrying into her family, all that greeted him was endless ridicule and disdain.

Even his wife, Josephine, had never once smiled at him, much less allowed him to touch her after their

It wasn’t until later did he learn that she had demanded that he marry into her family because she didn’t
want to be a sacrificial lamb for a political marriage.

As such, he was merely a tool she was using to turn down a political marriage.

Nonetheless, he still endured the infinite derision and mockery just to repay the debt of gratitude he
owed her for having repaid all his debts back then.

But on a particular day three years ago, he suddenly became the target of an assassination.

He inadvertently broke into the military camp and was forcibly drafted into the army, becoming a soldier
who couldn’t even hold a gun properly.

Ever since then, he started going to battle all over the world.

From a soldier who was often picked on, he gradually became Asura, who subjugated the world and
struck fear into all.

All that was thanks to a manual of mysterious technique he came into possession of by coincidence.

That manual was known as the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique.

Alas, he later learned that the Ancient Sacred Dragon Technique in his hands was only half of its
entirety. It was an incomplete manual with the other half missing.

“It’s been three years, and I’m finally back!” Jonathan couldn’t help exclaiming as he stared at the
heavy traffic in front of him. “Josephine, three years ago, I was treated with contempt after marrying

into your family, which caused you to be humiliated alongside me and become the laughingstock of the
Smith family. But I’m back today, three years later! I’ll definitely make up for all I owed you in the past
three years by a hundredfold! From today onward, I’ll make certain that no one will ever dare to scorn
you! I want this world to genuflect to you!”

He then started making his way to the Smith residence with the vague recollection he had in his

But when he was halfway there, he bumped into a middle-aged woman who had just stepped out from
a massage parlor.

Her face was caked with heavy makeup, but it still couldn’t conceal the tons of wrinkles on her face.

“Would you like to come in and have some fun, handsome? It’ll only cost you a hundred, and you can
choose whatever service you’d like! So, how about it? Are you interested?”

Subsequently, the middle-aged woman sashayed forward to grab Jonathan.

Naturally, Jonathan would never allow her to even touch the hem of his clothes.

Ugh! With such a woman, I find it repulsive even she offers herself to me for free, let alone having to
pay a hundred for her services!

“Stay away from me!”

His brows furrowed slightly, and he made to beat a hasty retreat.

But at that precise moment, the middle-aged woman threw herself at him once more. “Come on, don’t
be so stingy, handsome. It’s just a hundred, yet you’re not willing to pay?”

“Buzz off!” Jonathan barked coldly.

But the moment his words rang out, a luscious woman strutted toward him out of the blue. She
seemingly recognized him at a single glance.

“Jonathan? It’s you, no? You’re still alive, huh? I thought you were long since dead after having
disappeared for three years. I never expected you to be still alive.”

“Ysobel?” Likewise, Jonathan recognized her.

The woman was none other than Ysobel Linney, Josephine’s best friend.

Back when he married into the Smith family, she used all kinds of despicable methods to disparage him
in front of Josephine, even going as far as making up rumors to compel Josephine into divorcing him.

“Oh gosh, it’s really you!” Ysobel’s eyes went wide. Gaping at him incredulously, she remarked, “I
thought I mistook someone else for you and was just wondering why there’s someone who looks
exactly like a useless piece of trash such as you.”

Ever since Jonathan married into the Smith family, she had turned up her nose at him.

How ridiculous! Josephine is the heiress of the Smith family, with tons of promising young men and
young heirs pursuing her. Yet, she just had to choose this loser, who hadn’t a penny to his name and
was even up to his eyeballs in debt!

“Where’s Josephine?” Jonathan wasn’t in the mood to yak with her.

In his eyes, she was no different from an ant.

Even saying an additional word to her felt like a waste of breath to him.

“Josephine? You’ve still got the audacity to look for her?” With a sneer, Ysobel scoffed, “You left without
a single word for three years, and you’re seeking out a hooker by the roadside as soon as you return?

Never mind that, but you’re even going for such a low-class hooker? Considering her looks, she
doesn’t even cost a hundred, huh? You’re truly disgusting, Jonathan Goldstein! I’d advise you to just
get lost instead of seeking Josephine out!”

It was clear as day that she presumed that Jonathan was so sexually frustrated that he was soliciting
the services of a hooker by the roadside.

Never mind if he wants to get it on with a prostitute, but this is simply too much! Just a single look at
her renders me so sick that I feel hurling!

“What’s wrong with my looks?” The middle-aged woman instantly saw red upon hearing her insult. “Let
me tell you that I can get dozens of customers a day! There are tons of men who want to bed me! I’m
skilled in all kinds of bed play, so it’s truly gratifying to do the horizontal tango with me! A snot-nosed
kid like you know nothing!”

“I was just passing by. I’m not her client!” Jonathan inexorably frowned when Ysobel’s words grew
increasingly nasty.

He didn’t care a whit that Ysobel misunderstood him, but he didn’t want Josephine to have the wrong
idea about him.

Ysobel didn’t believe him at all. “You don’t even dare to admit that you’re soliciting the services of a
hooker? Jonathan, why are you still such a coward when it’s been three years since I last saw you?
Josephine must have been truly blind back then to take a fancy to you! I’ll definitely tell her about this!
I’ll make sure that she divorces you!”

After saying that, she whirled around on her sexy high heels and made to stalk away.

However, Jonathan grabbed her and demanded frostily, “Where is Josephine? Bring me to her!”

“You want to see her? Do you think you’re worthy?” Snickering, Ysobel continued, “You want to know
where she is, huh? Okay, I’ll tell you the answer. She’s on a date with Mr. Langford at Phoenix
International Hotel! Do you know who that is? He’s Alvin Langford, the only son of the Chairman of
Langford Group! He has several hundred million in assets! He has pursued Josephine for three years,
and she’s planning to divorce you and marry him!”

“What did you just say? She wants to marry someone else?”

After Jonathan heard that, his expression abruptly turned chilly.

We haven’t seen each other for three years, yet she’s actually hoping to marry someone else the very
day I return?

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