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Love War!! Save the Future!! Love War!! Save the Future!! - Chapter 3 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Love War!! Save the Future!!

Love War!! Save the Future!! - Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: You From Another Time (3)
“To a New Yorker who had lived his entire life with everything around him that he could possibly want, would he want to live in the Amazon Jungle for the rest of his life where there’s nothing? I don’t think so.”
She spoke ever so calmly.
“People who cherished their robot as if their own wife, their own husband, their own lover fiercely opposed the government, feeling as if their own civil liberties and right to freedom had been suppressed. In the United States, vigilante troops are causing a big wave, followed by citizens of other countries.”
“But there are some people who don’t oppose the government’s actions. They’re what we call devout believers. The religious circles have declared that love robots are a challenge to divine providence, and thus declared a holy war against the love robots.”
I was sent in shock.
“Mankind is now divided into two camps. Much like the Cold War between democracy and communism, we have those against love robots and those for it, thus resulting in a global war.”
I understand her explanation coherently, but…
The beautiful girl lightly crushed the empty can.
“There was no end to the war, and there was no safe haven. Hate and resentment built up among humans. Unconditional killing from the opposing side was the only way their hatred could be extinguished.”
“So… how many are left?”
“Before travelling back in time, there was only 12,513,052 people left.”
It was an unbelievable statistic.
“……More than 7 billion people died?”
“Yes. After all, this was a global war. It started with seven nuclear explosions.”
She shrugged.
“It’ll happen 30 years from now.”
I couldn’t believe what I had heard, but as I pondered over the matter, I felt a chill in my spine. In 30 years, the majority of humanity will have ceased to exist?
“The person who caused the problem couldn’t solve the problem, so he decided on going back to the past, to fix it, and to stop the war on mankind.”
She looked straight at me.
“My formal name is AZE-05 Type D Margarine. I’m here to prevent mankind’s demise.”
“What’s wrong with my name? Punch!!”
I was beaten again and rolled on the ground. This was really unfair. I stood up and cried out.
“I haven’t said anything yet!”
“Oh, but you were going to! Look, you’re taking a stance as if ready to fight me at any moment! You were glaring at me, ridiculing me as for why my name was Margarine! Well, that’s my real name!”
“I wasn’t glaring!”
“You were! You glared crazily like the tail lights of a car!”
The robot whose name was Margarine stuck her tongue out.
“Well, my name should be of no importance. But this is the situation. Do you understand?”
“First is all, even if I believe you…”
It’s clear that she was no ordinary human being. The future, if not immediately touching, was terrible.
“If the future really does happen, won’t the first thing you’ll want to do is to get rid of me?”
“What has happened cannot be undone.”
Margarine spoke decisively.
“The future won’t change whether you’re assassinated or prevented from developing a robot. There was a lot of theories and opinions about this, but that option won’t change anything.”
Since she insists on this firmly, let’s move on.
“……Then what are you doing here?”
Mankind will cease to exist in the future because of a robot I developed. If killing me won’t change the future, then why is Margarine here?
“There is only one way to change the future of the Civil War.”
She said firmly.
“You need to have a proper relationship with another being.”
The idea was as stupid as it sounds.
“Since you’re the one holed up in the corner of the room to create a love robot that’ll lead to destruction of mankind, I exist to fix this problem. You will learn to love.”
“I’m sure they’re better off just killing me…”
“Damn, you’re quite the pessimist.”
I’m not sure why, but Margarine waved her index finger side to side.
“New liquor in the new units, new meta needs a new robot…”
In spite of this, the BGM still flowed in the living room, it’s heavy beats drumming on my chest.
“For you who doesn’t know people and doesn’t know love, I’m here on an important mission to teach you about love! Let’s go!”
“Why do you look so sullen? Don’t you know how to communicate?”
I sighed.
“The time has come when a robot is preaching to me to have a proper relationship…”
“Should I help recreate a movie in real life to help with the mission?”
Margarine said coolly.
“Hmm… What about 《The Terminator》…”
“No, what about an erotic film from Korea in the 90s?”
Please don’t explain any further.
“This seems to be many men’s current past time… Since it’s like this, let’s run to the adult video rental shop now and recreate an erotic movie!
“Please don’t…”
“Why, are you ashamed? Are you ashamed to be in an erotic movie? You don’t want to struggle as a new erotic actor? You don’t want to be in an erotic movie?”
“Why do you keep talking about erotic movies?!”
A beautiful woman of her age, even though she’s a robot… No… It’s difficult to hear anything more coming from her mouth.
“I’ll make your life an erotic movie from now on!”
“No, I’ll make it like an adult webtoon! Yep, it’ll be more realistic than an erotic movie, actually.”
Margarine declared confidently.
“I’ll make you the main character of an adult webtoon. Until yesterday, you were a man of no consequences, but from now on, you’ll have endless relationships with many beautiful women. After a promiscuous physical relationship, you’ll wake up filled with endless love, and BOOM, the war on mankind will go away.”
“I think I’d rather be—”
As I spoke in a quivering voice, Margarine interjected.
“Won’t it be better to have you experience that kind of life? Mankind won’t end up in destruction. You’ll be doing a great favor to humanity.”
“Wait… What are you looking down there for?!”
“Well, the mind of men thinks with the lower half of the body, after all.”
“No… Don’t speak anymore…”
I was flushed with embarrassment. She’s too forward.
“Should I mention the quantity and capacity of male-oriented pornographic material circulating on the Internet currently?”
“With that said, I’ll make you a man in luv.”
I had no choice but to sigh at her firm declaration. It was difficult to believe, but she was serious. Like this, I had a hunch that my life would be different.
I’ll learn how to love… a love that can’t be achieved.
Is that even possible?
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