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Love War!! Save the Future!! Love War!! Save the Future!! - Chapter 2 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Love War!! Save the Future!!

Love War!! Save the Future!! - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: You From Another Time (2)
“You’re a man from this time, and you haven’t seen 《The Terminator》? Go ahead, take a seat, and watch the movie! If you didn’t know, The Terminator travelled back in time to assassinate a figure to prevent what will eventually transpire in the future. I wanted to sell this idea to you as it would be the only way you’ll understand!”
Why… Why does she look so proud in her naked form? I feel so ashamed of myself…
“Do you have anything to say?”
“Are you going to pretend to have common sense and tell me to put clothes on first?”
The girl tilted her head, expressing an expression of discontent.
“I’ve decided on this after thinking about it for a while. Isn’t it apparently a clichè rule that robots from the future begin their journey in the past in their naked form? I’m holding out despite feeling shameful, so please bear with me.”
“……I’m afraid you don’t—“
I rolled on the floor as I was sent flying from an unexpected punch. With my back facing the floor, I looked up at the ceiling for a moment before getting up.
“Hey, if you’re gonna hit me, don’t do it naked…”
I hardened myself, yet nothing happened. I peered over and saw the beautiful girl wave her hand. Then, she seemingly transformed. The packaging paper wrapped around the girl’s body, turning it into a black suit.
She was dressed in a flash as she gazed at me with a pompous look.
“You might wonder, why is the size of the package big? Well, it’s too look like a snack! The bigger the package, the more flustered the recipient will be.”
What just happened mere moments ago cannot exist scientifically in this day and age…
“I’m afraid that I have more to say.”
“Hey, what were you doing with material change…”
“I’m a robot.”
My words came to a halt when the beautiful girl spoke.
At this moment, the theme song of 《The Terminator》 was still playing.
“An android, to be precise, is a ganoid, but you probably wouldn’t know this term. In any case, we’re very similar to humans. It’s convenient to think of us as a mechanical doll, warm and fluffy like that of a human being.”
Then, she looked at me with open arms.
“Would you like to check?”

I coughed, managing to broach a subject.
“Err… That… That’s not possible. How can I believe what you’re saying?”
“Which is more realistic, a robot maid delivered by a mail courier, or a phone call from a goddess?”
I shook my head at the beautiful girl’s sultry throw.
“No, this doesn’t make any sense. Where are the other robots that looks just like a human being, ones that look like you?! Now, smartphones are the latest technology to be commercialized. First of, AI—“
“I told you. It’s a delivery service that travels in time.”
The beautiful girl looked at me sourly. I couldn’t say my thoughts out loud quickly enough.
I must have been dreaming, I thought, but I knew I wasn’t. The part in my body where I’d been hit ached. Moreover, the sight of a wrapping paper turning into a piece of clothing blew my mind away. Then there was the streaming music coming from her metallic ears.
This girl, she was by no means an ordinary human being and this meeting was no ordinary thing.
“So you’re the Arnold Schwarzenegger?”
After swallowing my saliva, I asked slowly.
“The pronunciation of my name is…”
“Why are you looking at me so pitifully?”
The sad look this beautiful girl gave me caused my thumping heart to beat loudly. 《The Terminator》, everyone knows of this movie!
“If you’re the Terminator from the future, am I John Connor?”
My voice was shaking without realizing it.
“No, it’s not that.”
Her cold words made me somewhat depressed. So, I won’t be the leader of mankind in the future. A pity.
“So am I Sarah Connor? Does my child save the future from an impending doom?”
“Since when did you become a woman?”
“……Then, what is it?”
The beautiful girl whose name was not yet known, said flatly.
“You’re the reason why we’re fighting a war of destruction. It’s not exactly a total collapse of humanity, but still, it’s there.”
The unexpected result made my head spin.
“What’s that supposed to mean? I’m the reason why people are killing each other?”
“I’m a little hungry. Do you have anything to eat?”
The beautiful girl looked around the living room in a gesture of annoyance.
“…..Are you here to kill me?”
I said cautiously, looking at her back as she opened the refrigerator. I was ready to run at any time. This beautiful girl, this robot from the future said I was the cause of mankind’s destruction.
She’s not here to get rid of me…? She… She was drinking coke…
“Oops! It’s Coke Zero!”
As she said so, I fell face flat to the ground. I don’t know what’s what anymore.
Breathing heavily, the girl looked at me with a sullen look.
“Why are you sticking your butt out like that? Is it a sort of sexual temptation?”
“Well, needless to say, if I had the talent, I wouldn’t need to come here myself.”
The beautiful girl closed the refrigerator and turned around. The Coca-Cola can was still on her hand. She looked relieved, but still, I can’t let my guard down.
She might be here to kill me.
“I think you’re misinterpreting the term 《The Terminator》. Here I’ll make it easy for you to understand. I’m not an assassin from the future to kill you. If I was, I’d have just blown up the house.”
“…..Then what the hell are you doing here?”
“I’ll explain.”
She said flatly.
“You developed robots. A love robot, to be precise.”
Is this even possible? If I end up knowing my future, won’t it become a time paradox or something? While thinking so, the beautiful girl quickly added…
“The love robot is a perfect creation. Hundreds of millions, and billions of human beings have lost themselves to a love robot for they’d prefer to have a relationship with a robot as opposed to a troublesome and cumbersome relationship with a human. After all, why marry a human when there’s a perfect robot?”
She said it with ease.
“The low birth rate had fallen drastically in the future. In addition, the leaders of the human race, the government, felt an impending doom, a crisis hovering over them. Anti-Artificial Intelligence inseminated because of this, resulting into some countries taking extreme measures to ban and eradicate love robots.”
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