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Love War!! Save the Future!! Love War!! Save the Future!! - Chapter 1 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : Love War!! Save the Future!!

Love War!! Save the Future!! - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: You From Another Time (1)
Was that true? Was every human born to be loved? No, It’s a lie, a lie thrown around carelessly without meaning just to comfort ourselves. But I won’t lie. There is someone in this world that lives a life full of love, but… it’s not me.
“Package is here!”
I stood up from my chair after hours of work, but soon as I did…
I fell face flat on the floor.
“Ah… I haven’t eaten for 27 hours…”
I sighed inwardly, body stuck on the cold, hard floor. My muscles were stiff and I could barely stand up. Moving around proved to be a difficulty.
The sound of the mail courier echoing from the speaker caused me to quicken my snail-like pace. This happens all too frequently. Surely they’d grown annoyed and tired of me by now.
“Ah… Yes… I’m sorry.”
As I answered the door, I hurriedly apologized. What awaited me was a package that towered over my head.
The sweaty courier greeted me.
“This is Mr. Nami, correct?”
“Ah, yes… correct. This is Lee Nami.”
It had been a while since I’ve lived in Korea. My fluency was a bit off at the moment.
“But what the hell is this…”
Is it a refrigerator? No, it can’t be. I simply can’t imagine the content inside the package that is the size of a person’s head.
Hmm… It looks new, but I’ve never ordered any home appliances. The current products out in the market was far too expensive for my taste right now.
“Modern appliances are made to sell in quantity, so they never fully satisfy individual needs. I’m not saying that I can’t do it right, but it’s a rip-off. I mean… I don’t mind being ripped off, but I should at least feel invested in the product.”
“In this capitalist-esque era, custom made order has become the new luxury, but in fact it’s supposed to be…”
The mail courier looked at me as if I was a madman.
“Ah, I’m sorry! I’m speaking in tangent. Heh, I was just speaking about the absurdity of Korean society. You see, I’ve been living in a foreign country for a long time, so…”
“……Please confirm the receipt here.”
“Who sent it?”
“Who sent it?”
The mail courier’s face changed. He quickly left soon as I received the receipt. He probably thinks of me as a psychopathic madman.
“….Oh, dear.”
Has it been a while since I’ve last talked to a human being? I’ve even gone off in tangent too. As always.
“Nevermind. It’s always like this.”
I pushed aside the bitterness welling in my heart and examined the huge mass of packaged placed in front of my door.
“I can’t bring this huge package inside. Should I lie it down…?”
I prepared myself for the amount of heavy-duty lifting I’d need to do, but it was unexpectedly light despite its size…
“What the hell?”
I wondered in amazement as I moved the package to the living room.
“Who sent this?”
The sender’s name was definitely in English.
Days of Future Past.
”Isn’t this from a movie?”
Ah, it’s probably not a person’s name, but a company or a group… Is it trademarked? I circled around the package with such questions filling my head as I examined it meticulously.
“I can’t hear anything, so it’s no time bomb…”
Faced with a suspicious mail courier, the thought of terrorism came to mind reflexively but I quickly erased such thoughts. No way someone would want to terrorize someone like me. You see, it’s just not possible.
“It’s not anyone from work. I’m sure I’m being fooled around. Ah… who am I kidding. Heh, there’s no one around me capable of doing this.”
After all, I have no friends. Having obliterated all options, I came to a heavy conclusion.
“Don’t tell me mother sent it…”
As I blurted out such words, I pulled on the neatly tied cute, little ribbon. With a strange noise, the package began unravelling itself, like a baby flower budding into full bloom.
My steeled and hardened heart was startled. Inside the package was a beautiful piece. It was a girl. Despite the girl down on one knee and her head bowed that you couldn’t see her face properly, I thought her beautiful.
She was the size of a human being with glamorous pale skin… I had this itch to run my fingers over it. Soon as I realized, I tried to reach out, but quickly stopped seeing the girl wear nothing. Of course, it shouldn’t matter, but…
“Who in this world has the guts to play this kind of prank…?”
No, it shouldn’t be a prank, but rather, it had been sent to the wrong address.
“I’m sorry… Wrong delivery…”
I’d been talking to myself this whole time that I didn’t realize a ringing sound. At first, it was so soft and small that I could barely discern it ‘till the ringing sound soon filled the entire living room.
The sound was coming out from the girl.
You mean… there was a music piece inside her?
In wonder, I kept staring at the girl.
“Oh, I made a mistake in setting up the BGM.”
I blinked.
I blinked again. I must be dreaming. I shut my eyes tight, shook my head, and opened my eyes again. No, I wasn’t dreaming.
“I’d been thinking about the 《Pacific Rim》theme and 《The Terminator》 theme… I went with the 《Terminator》 theme instead. I thought it’d have more of an impact…”
“I’ve been thinking about X1’s Zero theme and it came to me—great music should be similar to drawing a sword when heading to battle!”
She was a perfect statue, unmoving yet talkative. But despite this, she had a homely aura. Her soft, light gray hair fluttered incandescently, and had flickering eyes of a beautiful blue that was breathtaking.
The beautiful girl made eye contact with me. She had her brows raised.
“Why are you standing there looking so surprised? Come on, get up on your feet! Isn’t it a cliche that when a naked girl suddenly falls from the sky, the boy would end up sitting on his buttocks as he looks at her with mouth hanging on the floor?”
I must be hungry. I truly can’t keep up with the current situation.
The beautiful girl who was staring at me raised her arms and touched her ears slightly. No, it wasn’t her ears but a sort of geometric metal placed where the human ear was supposed to be. She seemed to have pressed on a button as the song in the living room suddenly changed. The song was the main OST of a well-known movie, 《The Terminator》.
The melody was majestic as she looked at me sensibly.
“I changed the BGM (background music).”
“…..What? What is this?”
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