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My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day Chapter 100 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Chapter 100

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After returning to Misty Bridge from X County, Zac immediately went on a business trip to Europe.

After the two of them got married, he did his best to spare some time to stay at home.

There were many video conferences, but there were still a lot of backlogs that he had to personally go

This time, he would have to leave for more than half a month.

Knowing that he had to leave for a long time, Zac instructed Anika before he went on a business trip, "If
you don't want to be alone at home, you can also call a friend to stay with you for a few days”

Thus, Anika called Alena, who excitedly packed her luggage and moved into the guest room.

As soon as she entered the room, Anika couldn't help but frown, "Tsk, why did you hang such a big
wedding photo in the guest room?"

The wedding photo in the guest room was taken by Zac.

It really looked a little abrupt.

"Zac said even if I quarrel with him and move to the guest room, I will still see him.It will help lessen our
quarrels." Anika helplessly explained.

Alena was dumbfounded for a long time.

She sighed and shook her head, "Alright, I didn't realize that Zac was so coquettish before"

However, she hadn't noticed that Zac was actually able to quietly fall in love with her for ten years.

"Darling, don't think about him these days.It's time for you to enjoy your long-lost nightlife while Zac is
away.’ Alena gently raised Anika's chin with a hooligan tone.

Anika smiled as she put aside her hand and raised her eyebrows.

"I always said that you were too busy with your work.I think you still have a lot of time"

"It's because I'm not in love, so I have to live my life to the fullest"

Alena was afraid that she would refuse and put on a dejected expression.

Anika thought that Kayleigh had rejected the confession of her beloved and lost her narcissism.

It was time to relax, so she nodded and said, "It just so happened that Kayleigh called me before.When
she got off work one morning, she said we should call her together.’

Nataly recently went abroad to attend Fashion Week.

Of course, she didn't have time to experience nightlife with them.

Anika reached her goal and happily hugged her, "Nika, I knew you were the best"

When Zac went away for a business trip, Anika was busy with her work as well.

After the contract was signed, Nevers officially announced their collaboration with NY Company.

Jael has worked for NK-Bio and T&D for many years, and the rest of the team was not obscure.

Even though NY was a new company, Anika had paid for the T&#D patent and Jael&39;s team was the
signature brand, which was not to be underestimated.

It was also NK-Bio's fault for using industry barriers to determine layered pricing.

After Nevers first partnered with NY, several other brands revealed an intention to collaborate.

After all, no one wanted to be squeezed out of profits and lose competitiveness.

Before, NK-Bio's main competitor was Germany's ST, a business plate wide, medical and American
raw materials company whose supply of first-line brands come with a hefty price.

NK won't give up on first-line brand orders, but it also needed to expand next year's profits as it
expanded its investment in other businesses.

However, the other party had not expected that NY, a newly established company, would suddenly
appear in the hierarchical pricing decision.

Of course, NY's quotation for raw materials was not low.

Anika only gave a non-discriminatory price, but she still had to earn money.

As soon as Anika returned to her office after the meeting with the Brand Operations Department, Sara
knocked on the door and confirmed her schedule, "President Meyer, since Director Miles will lead the
team, do you still want to go personally to discuss with CF?"

NY has signed several brand orders in succession, the momentum was fierce, also received CF threw
out an inquiry.

This meant that even if Anika did not meet Mr.Robert, she would have a chance to compete for the
living brand of CF suppliers.

NK-Bio gave NY a chance to fail.

If she could win the cooperation of CF in the subsequent negotiations, NY would gain a good

Anike thought for a moment and asked, "Who is the representative of the NK-Bio?"

"It's their Vice President for research and development."

Sara paused for a moment and then said, "I've checked.Other than Mr.Robert, the person in charge of
contacting CF's partner this time is also the new Chinese-American design director of the makeup line”

"In addition, CF has a new product launch event in New York at the end of the month and invited
partners to participate in the supplier competition."

Anika thought for a while and nodded, "Since that's the case, I'll leave the normal work of contacting
CF to Director Miles.You and I will attend the CF’s new product launch.’’

"Alright, President Meyer." Sara replied with a smile.

She seemed to be in a good mood.

Travelling abroad meant storing a lot of stuff in duty-free shops.

No matter how hard she worked, Sara was a shop-aholic.

Seeing this, Anika smiled and teased, "Don't worry, I'll give you a day off to go shopping"

After work, Anika picked up Alena and went to the bar they had agreed to meet Kayleigh.

The name of the bar was Night Meet.

Near the Academy of Film and Television, the owner was a few of Kayleigh's college classmates.

She was quite famous in this area.

The three of them sat at the counter and ordered a glass of wine.

Before they could chat, Kayleigh suddenly looked at Anika, her eyes shone.

"Nika, are you still lacking in investment? I have money now, and Sam has become a shareholder of
NY.Why don't you give me a chance as well?"

The movie queen Sam agreed to NY's promotion before, and not long ago, she officially became NY's
spokesperson, making them more popular and caught in the public eye.

Now, NY can be considered famous.

However, what surprised Anika was that Sam did not ask for endorsement fees, but instead suggested
that she wanted to invest in the company.

In the past, the biggest pair of families had become NY's shareholders.

It was not known if Lucy would think that she was sincerely opposing her.

However, Sam didn't have many shares, so Anika didn't need to reject Sam's request because of
Lucy's idea.

Moreover, the investment in the new research and development base was not small.

NY really needed funds.

Anika did not want to ask Zac for help, nor did she want to change the current situation where NY and
the Meyer family were relatively independent, causing the shareholders to renew their opinions and
annoy Scott.

Calculating carefully, Sam's endorsement fee was quite high.

For Anika, who was already in negative equity, more money could be saved.

Thinking of this, Anika smiled and looked at Kayleigh, "It can be, but Kayleigh, when did you start
thinking about investing to make money?"

She was six or seven years older than Kayleigh, so she always felt that Kayleigh was just a child.

Kayleigh curled her lips and said, "I'm afraid that one day my family will force me to marry, so I'd better
leave a good path for myself.If that day comes, I'll just run away.”

Kayleigh was used to being unrestrained, but she was also used to being polite.

"I really can't stand it if I don't have any money to spend". Anika was a little dumbfounded.

She was afraid that she will decide on a whim.

She patiently tried to persuade her, "Kayleigh, consider carefully.With the current situation of the
Jenkins Family, there shouldn't be any need for you to marry."

Based on her understanding of Kayleigh's mother, she truly loved Kayleigh.

As long as the Jenkins Family had no major problems, it was impossible for her to be forced to marry.

Moreover, she had only reached twenty this year, so even if it was a marriage alliance, it would still be
very early.

"Just because you don't need it doesn’t mean you won't.Even my brother can be forced to marry by my
grandfather.I have to be prepared for that day."

Kayleigh sighed and then looked at Anika with a serious expression.

"I feel uneasy about investing the money to others, I only want to invest in NY"

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