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My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day Chapter 93 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Chapter 93

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After Anika hesitated for a moment, she muttered to herself, "You heard me.I won't say anything else."

She wouldn't be able to say ‘I love you’ casually if she didn't want to coax him.Since he had already
heard it, Anika didn't want him to record it.

‘Who knows what kind of shameless thing Zac would do after recording it?’

Since Anika noticed that Zac wasn’t angry anymore, she changed the topic, "Why are you here?"

For a little while, Zac's eyes rested on her face.

He didn't make her say it a second time.

He hugged her and sat on the bedroom sofa.

Then he yanked her soiled clothing from her and shouted loudly, "Isn't it true that you're not going to X
County? Next month, I'll be on a work trip.I'll be the one to escort you there"

Towards the end of the year, both of them were busy with their work.

He was going on a business trip to Britain the next week, and Anika was also going abroad to lead a
team to compete with CF.

You just strolled in like this.Is everything in the company running smoothly?

Zac shook his head, "It's fine.There are also Tony and Larkin."

Tony was busy making amends for his faults for the year-end bonus and hoped he could shove Zac
aboard the plane.

Tony didn't need to fall in love, and he certainly didn't want to return home and be pressured by his
parents to marry.

He had a lot of free time compared to Zac.


Anika wanted to ask him how many days he was going to stay in X Province, but as soon as she
opened her mouth, he kissed her again.

Bringing more intense emotions than before.

This time, it wasn't just kisses.

He pushed down on her as she threw herself onto the bed.

Anika had to set aside the slew of questions that she had in her head.

Zac's motions were a little more frantic than normal.

They were exhausted when they finished their...‘acts’.

She was in his arms after.

Even though her mind was in a state of chaos at the time, the hand she had held on to hadn't let go.

Not long after, drowsiness gradually came.

After a busy day, he was already a little tired.

Anika’s eyelids were heavy, but he seemed to have a lot of energy.

He started kissing her again, but she pushed him in a daze with a hint of complaint, "No more.’

Zac came to a complete stop and hugged her tightly.

In the dim light, his quiet gaze landed on her soft side and became deeper.

Sensing his silence, Anika slightly opened her eyes and whispered, "What's wrong?"

"It's fine."

He touched her head and said, "Let's sleep."

Knowing that her mind was sensitive, she had some words to say because she was afraid that there
would be pressure in her heart.

Anika was too sleepy, so she didn't think too much when she heard this.

She placed a pillow on his neck, and fell asleep.

There was still some work to be done, and Anika stayed in JH City for another day.

The next day, the Investment Bureau took the initiative to set up a trap to help contact the people from
the Land Administration Bureau with the factory that NY Company wanted to take down.

As for the location, it was in the conference room of the State Island Hotel.

This time, Kayden did not appear.

Chief Ethan, who was in charge of speaking with Sara, spotted Zac, who had accompanied Anika, and
offered a vague apology to her.

"I had no idea Ms.Anika was Sir Zac's wife.Please don't hold grudges towards Ms.Anika if there was
any negligence in the past."

Kayden had only transferred the industry to X Province in the last two years, whereas Oliver had
invested in numerous homes in JH City and had other technological enterprises.

The other party had seen Zac.

He didn't expect that if he wanted to give Kayden some respect, he would have almost done something

He could only compensate for it with caution.

Anika grinned as she lifted her brows "I don't understand Chief Ethan's indifference.Is it possible that
last night's dinner was too bland?"

Hearing this, Chief Ethan broke out in sweat.

He was merely suggested by President Kayden's aide yesterday that he believed a couple was having
an uncomfortable time, so he called them.

Even if Ms.Anika blamed him, he reasoned that preparation for the match today would be deemed an

What made him think this would happen? Anika was obviously implying a warning right now.

Anika saw the other party's expression.

It appeared that she achieved her goal, so she smiled and changed the topic,

“Since you agree that the meal isn't particularly appetizing, you'll have to learn a lesson in the future,

Chief Ethan carefully glanced at Zac and wiped away his sweat.

"Yes, yes, Ms.Anika is right.Don't worry, it won't happen in the future"

With Chief Ethan leading the way, the conversation went smoothly and the intention to cooperate was
basically decided.

What followed was just the process.

Anika handed it over to Jael.

Then, she pulled herself out and went to X County with Zac.X County and JH City were not far away.

They had only been driving for over an hour.

However, unlike JH City's prosperous city landscape as the provincial capital, X County was just an
ordinary county.

The environment was much simpler and the buildings weren't extravagant.

At nine o'clock, the two of them left.

The vehicle arrived in the old city of X County before eleven o'clock.

The streets were bustling with people.

There weren't many cars on the road, so there was no traffic.

Brand new asphalt roads were interspersed with bluestone alleys, children fighting at the store
entrance, and snacks pushing carts to sell.

When Anika glanced about, she felt both at home yet out of place.

It had been 10 years since she had gone, despite the fact that she remembered certain shops.

In the end, the present X County had undergone significant transformations.

The car passed through the old city and stopped at an orphanage gate.

As soon as the two of them got out of the car, a middle-aged man in a Chinese tunic and glasses came
up and asked, "Excuse me, is that Ms.Anika?"

"It's me.You must be Rudolf Reids.The Principal."

Anika smiled and nodded, "I'm really sorry to trouble you for making you wait"

"No problem, no problem." Rudolf also smiled.

The man and woman in front of him were stunning in appearance and demeanor.

At first sight, they appeared to be from rich households.

Rudolf couldn't help but feel uncomfortable as Zac nodded to meet him.

After leaving the orphanage, Anika subsidized the tuition fees of several orphanage children during
their college years.

Rudolf had been at an orphanage for six years.

He'd been in contact with her for quite some time, but he'd never met her.

The other party was unaware that Anika had previously lived in an orphanage and just treated her as a
kind patron.

Facing Rudolf's kind smile, Anika said, "Oh right, we brought some things for the children in the

"Shall I show you around?"

Anika nodded, "It's been hard on you”

Before coming to X County, Anika asked Sara to help her prepare some clothes and books, all of
which were in the trunk.

Rudolf called the staff of the two welfare institutions to move things, and then he brought the two of
them into the welfare institution.

Anika and Zac leisurely followed behind the principal and listened to Rudolf’s introduction of the current
situation of the orphanage.

He had imagined that returning to the orphanage would result in the birth of a long-lost love.

However, the new buildings in the surroundings were completely different from the old impressions in
her memories.

Anika suddenly felt a little unfamiliar.

Looking at the register that the dean had brought over, it was also filled with names that she was not
familiar with.

It was also true that she had already left X County for ten years, and everything had changed, including
the orphanage that she treated as her home.

Inexplicably, a sense of disappointment arose in her heart.

"The orphanage has changed a lot,’ she murmured.

Rudolf simply assumed she had been here before and said, nodding his head with enthusiasm, "The
county has assisted with the renovation of two buildings and the expansion of two others in recent

years.The layout has been altered.The children who got out of the orphanage gave back some
money.It's a far cry from the orphanage of the past"

Anika slowly nodded her head and looked at the dining hall that had been converted into a dormitory.

She caught a glimpse of a five or six-year-old girl with a ponytail standing behind a pillar a few meters

Rudolf naturally saw her as well and deliberately shouted at the child with a stern face, "Belle,
everyone is taking a nap now.Did you sneak out again?"

The little girl called ‘Belle’ shrank back towards the pillar, then leaned forward and reluctantly walked
towards Anika’s side of the dormitory door.

When she walked to Anika's side, Belle secretly glanced at her beautiful skirt.

Afraid that Anika would see her, she quickly withdrew her round and shy eyes.

"Wait, this is for you."

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