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My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day Chapter 58 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Chapter 58

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The next day, Anika finished washing up and walked out of the room.

She bumped into Zac who had just come out of the next room.

He was a little different now than he had been in the past, with his neat and tidy image of suits and

His suit jacket was placed on the bend of his muscular arms and his tie was hanging messily around
his chest.

His white shirt was unbuttoned as well, and his collar was slightly open, showing his light-skinned

His sweet and naughty personality drew people's attention.

Then once she saw him, she couldn't take her look away from him.

Zac raised his brows and leaned against the door with an idle posture after catching a glimpse of her.

He then casually said, "Do you know how to fix a tie when your hands are injured?"

Anika’s gaze fell on the back of his swollen hand.

She pursed her lips and shook her head, "Not really."

The man smiled and stated, "Well, I'll teach you.”

It wasn't difficult for Anika to learn how to fix a necktie.However, what Zac said about teaching her was
actually useless.

They dawdled until the end, but Anika still followed the online video and tied his necktie.

The moment she pushed the tie-up, Zac lowered his head slightly.

In an instant, the two of them were very close.

Anika's eyes were lifted unconsciously and collided with his deep dark gaze.

His brows became more defined, his nose became broader, and his lips were thinner.

The distance between them emphasized his attractive facial features.

It was claimed that when two individuals exchanged glances, the atmosphere would become vague.

She leaned against the door and he went closer as he bent down.

He then stared at her.

She caught her breath involuntarily throughout this silent and long exchange of gazes.

Her fingertips curled up slightly, as if even the surrounding air had stopped.

After a while, she heard his casual tone, "What, Anika, am I that good-looking? That I actually made
you ...stunned."

In his pitch-black eyes, there was a definite smile.

She didn’t respond, so he continued instead, "You said last time that women also admire men, so you
are one of these people?"

The man's lifeless eyes showed a hint of suspicion.

It was as if he could see right through her heart's thoughts, leaving him with nowhere to hide.

Her gaze then shifted downward, landing on his slightly trembling throat which caused her heart to race
once more.

Therefore, she averted her eye from him, catching a glimpse of the darkness in his eyes.

After that, she finally found a topic to ease the awkwardness.

"You ...didn't sleep well last night?"

The man lowered his eyes and said, "Yes."


"Heh, what do you think?"

"How would I know?"

"Don't know?"

Zac raised his eyebrows and patted her head.

He said lazily, "Anika, if you can't figure it out, then ...think about it slowly"

He knew that Anika might have some thoughts, but that was probably not enough.

He would be worried if she was too anxious.

He had waited for a long time, but he didn't want her to start under too much pressure.

It's better for him to wait.

The weekend passed by in a blur.

When Anika arrived at the firm, she returned to her working state before the chase could begin.

She formally surrendered her temporary position as general manager and gave it up to Scott, who had
returned to the Stevens family on her recommendation.

There was a specialty in the art industry, and Anika knew that she was not excellent at the main
business of the Stevens Family.

This was also one of the reasons why she chose to stay at T&D instead of rushing home.

After removing the Cooper family from the company, she considered starting a new business on her

But it had not yet taken shape, so she kept working on the North City Project.

Sara had planned to accompany Peter to Oliver and Director Sants's office to discuss the second round
of financial investment for the North City Project.

But at lunch, Anika saw that Sara's face was pale and sweating profusely.

Only then did she realize she had a cold and was forced to take sick leave.

In the afternoon, Anika pondered for a while before she personally went to Oliver with Peter.

This was Anika’s first visit to the LH Company since Zac had brought her there to sign the marriage
arrangement over the weekend.

After all, she had come here on a whim to discuss business.

In order to avoid suspicion, she did not go to the top floor to find Zac.

Instead, she took Peter directly to the 12th floor to find Director Sants.

Aside from the second batch of financial investments, Peter was also required to provide a brief report
on project collaboration in the first quarter.

In the conference room, the two of them held a two-hour meeting with Oliver's team.

Afterwards, Anika ordered some desserts from the SIMO Hotel to express her appreciation for the
teamwork during this time.

When she was about to leave, she unexpectedly ran into Tony in the elevator.

"Anika, why are you here?" He seemed surprised when he saw Anika just coming down from the top

She smiled and said, "We had a meeting with Director Sants about the second batch of capital
allocation for the North City Project.”

"Didn't Zac know you were coming?"

"I don't know.’’ She shook her head.

She then handed the remaining dessert to him and said, "I just ordered some dessert from the SIMO
Hotel.It tastes good.Try it too."

Originally, she wanted to bring it home to Zac.

But now that she had met Tony, she might order another later.

Tony stared blankly at the dessert Anika had handed him and was instantly touched.

Recalling how Zac had just flaunted in the office just now, he felt that it was a pity for someone as
gentle as Anika to be with him every day.

‘This time, he really had enough!’ He thought and said angrily to her, "Anika, what if this man is too sly?
Don't get used to him.Otherwise, he will take advantage of you, after you give him a hint"

Anika was puzzled at what he stated.

When Tony saw her reaction, he put out his righteous hand and said, "Don't hide it from me.I know that
you can't stand a cunning person like him"

Anika had no idea what Zac had done to provoke Tony.

She was dumbfounded for a moment, but she still pursed her lips to persuade him, "Actually, he ...is
good in nature.It's just that the words coming from his mouth isn't quite moral.Please take more care of

Tony's pupils dilated as he realized she was speaking for Zac, and his heart felt even more pained and

‘It's unfair! Why can't I marry such a kind and generous lady if bastard Zac can?’ He said to himself and
forgot to get off the elevator.

So, he followed Anika to the first floor instead.

When she said goodbye and departed, he pressed the top floor button once again.

Meanwhile, Zac saw Tony leave furiously from the president's office and returned with another suitcase.

He gave him a couple glances and set the paperwork down.

He then coughed gently and uttered, "Well, you worked a lot of overtime a while ago.Because you've
been available recently, I'll give you half a month off"

"Zac! Let me assure you that this time I'll not compromise for these little benefits this time." Tony said

‘Why? Ever since this brat got married, he has thrown all the over time work to me! It could be
understandable.But I still had to endure their making out session, and that's terrible! He said to
himself.” Zac glanced at him indifferently and raised his eyebrows.

"Then, add another 10% dividend at the end of the years."

"Ahem, Zac, Where do you think it would be best for me to spend my vacation? Speaking of which,
haven't you and Anika had your honeymoon yet? I'll make plans for you two along the road as well"

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