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My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day Chapter 51 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Chapter 51

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Evidences regarding Oliver's embezzlement of funds from corruption projects into overseas accounts
had long been secretly gathered.

Although the proceedings were slow, his actions had already involved criminal offences.

Apart from the prosecution proceedings, Anika also went to the court the next day to file the case.

When Oliver was finally detained, the Meyer company's internal affairs were in a state of panic.

The spectators became hesitant to sell it to Anika when they noticed Oliver's inability to get back.

Despite the fact that Oliver had dealt with all of the tricks in his business without leaving any traces, the
Cooper family's hands and feet weren't all that clean.

Without Oliver as their backbone, even if the others wanted to resist, they would not be able to turn the

It wasn't that the Cooper family hadn't instigated Lucy.

It's just that her mind was quite clear at this time.

No matter how hard her family tried, she had always distanced herself from them.

Owen and the others were suspended one after another.

Anika temporarily took over the position of general manager and promoted a few veteran employees
with high seniority in the Meyer company.

These people were already employed in Meyer's company even before her father, Elliot, died.

Anika's case against Oliver had been accepted by Leo, and she had been going back and forth around
the company and in the court of law for a long time, to the point that she didn't have time to have dinner
with Zac.

By the time she finally had some free time, it would be more than half a month before she regained her
weekend leisure time.

Anika had just finished her workout early on Saturday morning.

As soon as she came out of the gym and went downstairs, she saw Zac walk into the dining with two
bowls of porridge.

"Come and eat.’’ He raised his chin and lazily signaled her.

He said it was for dinner, but Anika was well aware that Zac had only prepared white porridge.

She had been too busy for the past few days, so she had no idea why Zac was suddenly interested in

He worked hard, but unfortunately, his talent was not good and his cooking skills were worse than his
political achievements back then.

The main thing was that he didn't know how to control the heat of the pan.

After more than a month of cooking, his most successful achievement was the white porridge.

Anika walked to the dining and sat down.She picked up the sugar jar and added some sugar to the

Before she could take a few sips, the person across from her stood up and went to the coffee table in
the living room, got a document, and handed it to her.

She raised her eyebrows in surprise, "What is this?"

"Shares Transfer Agreement.’’ The man leaned lazily against the back of the chair and rolled his eyes
at her.

Anika opened the document and looked at it.

It was indeed the 5% shares of the Meyer Corporation that her grandfather had left him.

The inheritance left behind by Robert was also I completed just recently.

She shook her head as she closed the documents and handed him the share transfer agreement.

"Grandpa gave you the stock options.You should keep it.’’ Anika knew that Zac was wealthy, so he
didn't need the Meyer's 5% stake.

However, her grandfather adored him so much and, despite his hectic schedule, he always made time
to visit the old man on a regular basis, which was why he deserved it.

Seeing her refuse, Zac raised his eyebrows and chuckled, "Ah, Kayden gave you 30% of the shares
and you accepted them.Now, do I have to care about these petty profits?"

The man's tone was indescribably strange.

Anika's hand that was holding the spoon suddenly froze.

After a while, she raised her eyes to look at him.

Facing Zac's cynical eyes, her heart trembled and her fingertips shrank.

‘He accepted it in front of Oliver.Why is he making such a big deal about it now?’

Although she didn't know why Zac had suddenly mentioned this matter, Anika still explained to him,
"There is a reason.In the early days of T&D, I gave Kayden a sum of money, which can also be
considered a disguised investment"

"And what?"

His tone was faint, and his final voice was gentle.

Anika paused slightly, then continued, "These 30% are B shares and can only receive dividends.Didn't
you also say that this is our ...husband and wife's common property?"

They were in a hurry to get the certificate and they did not sign a prenuptial agreement on property.

However, there was no doubt that Zac was entitled to half of the dividend income after marriage.

Zac may look down on money now, but Anika would give it to him if he needed it.

After all, he was the one who said that they were now family members.

The man's inexplicable emotions a while ago seemed gone.

"Oh, it's good that you know’’ Zac raised his eyebrows and casually nodded as soon as Anika finished

Although her refusal made him uneasy, at least she was aware of the state of their marriage.

‘‘I will not argue with her for now” He thought.

"Oh right, do you have any thoughts about the extension of the agreement?"

Zac sneered and changed the subject lightly.

They discussed the extension of the agreement more than a month ago, but because the marriage was
still new, they never brought it up again.

Anika pursed her lower lips and lowered her eyes when she heard Zac say this.

"Well, how long do you want to postpone it?" Zac's throat became wet.

"If we both feel that we are getting along fairly well, then it's not impossible .." he said slowly.

"To get along like this."

There was an imperceptible tremor in his voice.

"Yes." Anika said softly.

Her voice was very soft, like a feather brushing against his ears.

Zac was stunned for a moment.

His gaze became more intense.

He turned his gaze to Anika.

"What did you just say?"

Anika thought that he didn't hear it clearly, so she put down the spoon and nodded with a smile, "I said,

Zac was caught off guard by her smile, causing him to lose his senses.

He slowly lowered his head as if he wanted to take a sip of the porridge to conceal his emotions.

However, in the next second, the porridge in front of him had already been gently removed by a pair of
delicate, rosy, and fair hands.

"The porridge is cold."

Anika knitted her eyebrows and stood up.

"It will not be good for your stomach.I'll go get you another bowl."

On Monday morning, Anika received an unexpected phone call as soon as she arrived at the company.

Perhaps because that person was afraid that she would hang up the phone, she was hurriedly invited
for a meeting at a tea restaurant near the company.

Under the rows of office buildings, the Hong Kong-style cafeteria was quiet.

The environment inside was elegant, with leisurely and soothing music.

Anika arrived at the coffee shop as scheduled at ten o'clock.

After looking around for a few seconds, she went straight to a seat by the window and put down her

Looking at the woman in sunglasses sitting opposite her, Anika asked directly, "You want to sell

Lucy was dressed modestly and had been waiting in the cafeteria for some time.

She looked at Anika and nodded.

She took out a document from her bag, "This is a share transfer agreement.I have already signed my

Anika lowered her eyes and took it, flipping through a few pages.

Indeed, as Lucy had stated, the transferor's name had been signed and stamped with a handprint.

As for the price, it was also very reasonable.However ...

"What's the reason?" Anika asked.

Just recently, Lucy took back 10% of her shares from Oliver, and with the addition of the shares she
had just inherited, she had a total of 15% of Meyer's shares in her hands.

When Anika reached adulthood, she would have another 10% stake from her Grandfather.

Once Lucy transferred her stake to her, her stake would exceed 50%.

Anika knew that Lucy needed her 15% stake, but she didn’t understand why Lucy wanted to sell it.

"Reason? Perhaps you don't know that the condition for Kayden to help me retrieve the shares is to
transfer it first.” Lucy showed a self-deprecating grin.

"He didn't even let me place a high bid on you.He'd rather give it to me in private.But, Anika, I don't
think this price is too high."

T&D had made a lot of money over the last two years, and since Kayden had given 30% shares of the
company to Anika, she had plenty of cash.

Anika frowned and nodded as she heard Lucy's reason.After a while, she accepted the offer.

"The money will be transferred to your account.” She said it casually.

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