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My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day Chapter 52 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Chapter 52

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Regardless of the reason, Lucy was willing to sell her shares and Anika would not refuse it.

She had already planned to settle the debt with Kayden.

In fact, they still had some unfinished business between them, so they decided to settle it all together.

When Anika was about to leave, Lucy asked the question she had been anticipating.

"Up until now, we both knew that Kayden truly loved you.We also know that Kayden never cheated on
you, so why did you break up with him?"

Anika quietly raised her eyes upon hearing Lucy's question.

‘Why did I break up with Kayden?’ In fact, she had different answers to this question in her heart as
time went on.

Looking back, the main issue was that she and Kayden were never a good match.

When she was young, she admired Kayden for helping her out and she should have known by then,
that Kayden's kindness and tolerance would be extended to many people.

Later, when she found out that Kayden was dating Lucy, she had already decided to cancel their
engagement and leave.

She didn't want to accept Kayden's pursuit anymore, but she was almost moved when she received the
lucky charm bracelet.

However, she still had some reservations about herself.

No one could be blamed if they got together and split in the end.

Anyway, she didn't need to share her thoughts with Lucy, so there’s no need to answer her questions.

"I heard that your grandfather wants you to get engaged with Kayden."

Instead of answering, she changed the topic.

Kayleigh sent her this news via Viber in a depressed manner and Anika wasn't surprised.

"Yes, but he firmly refused."

Lucy answered, biting her lips.

Anika nodded silently and did not say anything about Kayden's refusal.

In the first place, she only asked about this because of her grandfather.

She even felt relieved upon knowing it.

She shook her head and finally said goodbye, "Lucy, from this day on, I hope we will be fine with each

Their grandfather may have seemed to favor her, as he gave her a large number of shares, but before
he left, Anika knew that he still wanted Lucy to be happy.

He loved her as well as Lucy.

The reason why their grandfather gave Lucy the 5% stake was because he hoped that one day the two
of them would reconcile.

The old man's wishes were good and Anika had nothing against it.

Zac also said that there was nothing to worry about.

Sometimes, she only wanted to make herself happy.

Without her grandfather, she and Lucy would be strangers from now on.

They wouldn't have any deeper interactions, and she wouldn't also care about Lucy's future.

Even if she returned to her original state of being alone, she would still start a new life.

LH Company, President's Office.

Tony finally managed to get to the pantry.

When he reached the top floor, he noticed Zac leisurely dismantling the microwave Frederick had

Tony walked over to Zac with a frown on his face.

"Bro, I heard that Kayden gave Anika 30% of the shares.Is that true?" He asked.

Tony found this information because Leo accepted Anika's case against Oliver.

On the day of the court hearing, he sat off to the side to observe.

It was only then that he realized Anika was extremely wealthy.

‘‘Look at this lazy and presumptuous guy.Even if Anika loves him, he should not let his guard down”
Zac did not even raise his head.

He continued reading the instruction manual of the microwave oven and replied, without a hint of
bitterness, "Yes."

Tony couldn't help but sighed, "How can you react like this?"

"Then how should I react?"

Of course, Zac understood what Tony meant.

He was afraid that Kayden would pry into his own life.

He chuckled and looked up, "Do you know what common property is? He fights alone.Now, is there a
reason for me to be afraid?"

The man's attitude was arrogant, as if he was fearless, which made Tony speechless.

‘‘Well, shame on you’’ Seeing that he wasn't worried, Tony no longer dwelled on their topic.

He turned his gaze to the microwave oven Zac had just set up and said, "Why did you add a
microwave oven?"

Zac did not respond and silently put the sandwich he had brought this morning into the microwave to
heat it up.

Tony was suspicious, but he didn't ask any further.

He untied the takeout he had brought and went to the water dispenser to pour two cups of water.

Then he handed the other cup to Zac.

However, the man's brows furrowed tightly.

His hands with visible joints, touched the edge of the cup, silently pondering.

"What's the matter?"

Tony stared at him and said.

Zac pursed his lips and said, "It's cold.”

"That's right, what's wrong with the cold?" Tony was puzzled.

‘‘It was a hot day, and he wasn't sick.Could it be that he wanted to drink hot water?’’ The sound coming
from the microwave oven interrupted them.

Zac put down his cup of water and stood up, calmly brushing his clothes.

After giving Tony a faint glance, he slightly let out his tongue and said, "Oh, she said that my stomach
is not good and I should not drink anything cold.’ Tony was again speechless.

‘Damn, can I just get married and see how awesome it is?’

At night, Anika cooked soup in the kitchen.

Following the death of her grandfather, Boris and May returned to their hometowns.

They declined Anika’s suggestion to continue living in the old mansion.

Since the day the two of them returned home, they often sent Anika some local chestnuts and dates.

May even sent a few wild Ginseng, saying that she wanted Nika's body to be nourished.

Upon knowing this, she didn’t know whether she would laugh or cry.

Anika put the glutinous rice, red dates and shelled chestnuts into the chicken stomach, washed the
ginseng sent by Boris, poured water into the pot, added a spoon of salt, and boiled the soup over a
small fire.

Zac sat leisurely in the living room and watched TV shows.

Occasionally, he would raise his eyelids and glanced at the kitchen.

A few minutes later, Anika came out of the kitchen and saw a comedy on show on TV.

It was the same director as the one she saw last time.

She poured two glasses of water and sat down on the sofa, "Do you really like the movie director?" she
asked casually.

"Not bad, right? I've seen all the famous movies."

The man casually took the warm water she poured and curled his lower lip.Anika frowned slightly.

"From what I have remember, you didn't seem to like movies such as ‘Southern City Happy Events’ in
high school, right?"

Zac used to say that the film, ‘Southern City Happy Event’ was boring.

That weekend, she took Kayleigh to the movies and when they came out, they met Tony, who was left

Tony and Zac were like twins that stick each other together and it was unusual for them to be

He must have really felt bored watching the movie that he end up leaving Tony alone.

Zac's eyes met her for a moment as he heard her words, then he withdrew his gaze and answered
lazily, "Oh, I don't like it back then, but now it seems fine to me."

He said that before because he thought that she had asked Kayden to go to the movies together.

He still remembered the scene of the two tickets where he took Tony to the cinema, only to discover
that the one who was watching the movie with her was actually a child.

And before that day came, he had already said to Anika that going to a cinema was too boring.

So, at the end of the day, he felt embarrassed to be seen by her, so he had to leave Tony away first.

When Anika heard this, she knew he was telling the truth.

So, she asked another question, "Do you and Uncle Scott know each other?"

Zac gently nodded, "Oh, sort of.What's wrong?"

"I'm not very familiar with the government.Do you think he will agree if I asked him to come back and
help me?"

Although the Cooper Clan had solved almost everything,Anika was busy with the project in N City, and
there were many things that she couldn't manage to handle simultaneously.

She knew that Scott had worked for the Meyer family before her father's death.

He only had some private investment and could be considered free, so she wanted to ask him to come
back and and asked for his help.

"What? You want me to give you an idea?"

Zac turned to look at her with a lazy smile in his eyes.

Anika nodded.

"There's a ginseng chicken soup stewed in the kitchen"

She said after a while.She knew that he liked to drink soup, so she asked for help in return for the

Zac shook his head helplessly.

“She really think of me as a foodie".

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