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My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day Chapter 47 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Chapter 47

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When Anika and Zac arrived at the hospital, the old man had already been placed inside the
emergency room.

Oliver sat in a chair outside the rescue room.

He looked tense and his expression was somewhat solemn.

While Lucy sat silently on the other side and did not sit with her father, Oliver.

The two of them were very far from each other and the atmosphere between them seemed to be a little

On the other hand, Scott wore a cold expression as he leaned against the wall with his eyebrows

When he saw them, he instantly got up and walked over.

He patted Anika on the shoulder and whispered, "The doctor said that his condition is not good"

The old man’s body had reached its limit, and he had been depressed during this period.

Now, he passed out because of so much anger.

The doctor had already reminded the family members to be mentally prepared right before the old man
was pushed into the emergency room.

Hearing this, Anika's body trembled slightly and was supported by Zac.

After a while, she looked up at Scott and asked, "Why did grandpa faint all of a sudden?"

Scott pursed his lips and handed a document to Anika.

"The old man asked me to investigate.He has doubts in his heart and insists that I should tell him the
truth." He sighed.

Anika took the file from him and opened it.

Inside was the information about a mother and son.

When she saw the paternity test on the last page, she pinched her knuckles and frowned.

‘Oliver hid an illegitimate child!’

This child was only nine years younger than Lucy, and had been secretly hidden abroad by Oliver.

Now, he was already in high school.

Based on the child's age, his mother must have been pregnant for two months before Emma's death.

At that time, Emma was bedridden and did not know that her beloved husband was having a secret
affair with a college student.

When she died, the woman was already pregnant with Oliver's child.

Oliver was only in his thirties when Emma died.

His father in-law tried to persuade him to remarry, but he refused.

If Oliver had a son after Emma's death, Robert wouldn't be furious.

However, this child was now fifteen years old, which proved that Oliver had betrayed his daughter back

As a father, the old man realized the grievances his daughter had suffered before she died, so it's
normal that he would be so furious.

For the past few years, Oliver has shown great affection for Emma.

Even Anika also thought that his love for his wife was sincere.

However, it was just a disguise to hide everything from everyone around him.

In the end, he still failed.

No wonder Lucy had such an attitude.

The portion of shares left to Lucy by Emma had always been managed by her father, and the escrow
agreement appeared to be quite long.

Before, Oliver only had a daughter, but now he suddenly had a son who was about to reach adulthood
and the old man, who had always loved her, was now in the emergency room.

Oliver's nervous expression could be due to his fear that his father-in-law would change his will after
surviving this time, thereby jeopardizing his interests.

He acted as a good son-in-law for so many years, so he probably didn’t want to end up with nothing.

Anika glanced at the strange atmosphere between Oliver and Lucy.

She didn't know if she should blame Scott for handing over the information to her grandfather at such a

‘Since Grandpa had already discovered the clues and insisted on seeking the truth, it would be useless
if Uncle Scott had lied”

‘‘In the end, it was Oliver fault at all! “

Grandpa, on the other hand, would not want to be deceived in the end.

Returning the information to Scott, Anika's emotions were complicated.

She silently walked to Zac's side and sat down.

The atmosphere remained solemn as time passed.

Outside the operating room, no one spoke as everyone had their own thoughts.

Anika and Zac didn't have dinner yet because, before they could even reach the villa, they immediately
rushed to the hospital.

Zac was afraid that her body wouldn't be able to hold on, so he asked Frederick to bring them some
food, but Anika really didn't have any appetite.

After an unknown amount of time, the lights in the operating room finally went out.

Doctor Wesley, who was already quite familiar with the crowd, opened the door and walked out wearing
a light blue surgical uniform.

After taking off his mask, he shook his head sadly.

The meaning behind his eyebrows was obvious.

"I already said before that it would be very difficult for the old man to survive for two months.It's already
your last chance to take good care of him.Please forgive me"

Oliver heaved a sigh of relief as soon as the doctor finished his words.

Lucy covered her face and turned around.

She was sobbing faintly.

The most sober and calm person was Scott.

Although he moved out of the Meyer Clan long ago, he was also the adopted son of Robert who had
gone through the adoption process.

Nominally, he was still the son of the old man, and he was the one who signed the surgery contract a
while ago.

After the doctor informed them, Scott silently followed behind him and went downstairs for the issuance
of old man's death certificate.

The crescent moon hung high, and it was already midnight.

After the issuance of the death certificate, he still had to complete the funeral procedure tomorrow
before he could directly take the old man’s body from the hospital.

"You guys can go now.’’ Scott said as soon as he returned from downstairs.

However, in the long corridor, a heated argument between Lucy and Oliver followed.

Anika emotionlessly looked at the scene in front of her and tightened her grip on Zac's hand.

She was still lost in the doctor's last words of condolence.

When she saw her grandfather being pushed out of the operating room covered in white cloth, her eyes
were empty as she was supported by Zac.

She did not want to and did not even dare to lift the white cloth, but she could clearly hear her overly
calm voice.

"Zac, I don't have a grandfather anymore."

Just a few hours ago, her grandfather smiled and told her to take care of herself and avoid being

But things happened too sudden.

Anika had never imagined herself in this situation.

She wasn't even able to say goodbye to the old man.

The slight tremor in her palm revealed her heart's emotion.

"Anika, if you want to cry, don't hold back,'' Zac whispered, as he looked into her red eyes.

On the other hand, the argument in the corridor continued.

Anika was surprised when she heard his words.

She quickly shook her head, "No, Zac, I just ...really want to go home.’

Although she knew that she shouldn't run away, she couldn't stay here calmly either.

She didn't want to see the argument between Oliver and Lucy, nor did she want to see the death
certificate that Scott had obtained.

She just wanted to go home, even though it was a little willful.

"Alright, then let's go home."

Zac said it without a sign of hesitation.

He knew that Anika could not relax in such an environment.

"Don't worry, Frederick is also here and everything will be settled by Scott.I'll accompany you home.''

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