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My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day Chapter 28 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Chapter 28

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When the Meyer family arrived to pick her up, Grandpa Meyer discovered that Nataly was the one who
had saved Anika.

He thanked her and offered to pay for Nataly's study abroad.

Nataly was two years Anika's senior.

She was a gifted designer who went on to study at the world's most prestigious art institute.

She worked as a designer for a luxury company for two years after graduating before launching her
own personal design label, BING.

BING's reputation had improved in the last two years.

BING’s GD Series was a favorite of many celebrities in the entertainment sector, including actress Sam

Sam, predictably, made time to attend today's fashion presentation.

She was also dressed in a season-high dress by BING.

Lucy was also present, which Anika had not anticipated.

The woman was clothed in a long, dark-green gown, with sparkling sequins on the gauze.

Lucy's makeup looked flawless when she walked over to Sam and sat down alongside him.

Sam was the final female lead in Director Adam's new film, and she's also the one who Lucy

When the photographers on the scene saw this image of sword-drawn tension, they immediately turned
their cameras upside down.

Lucy knew that Nataly was a good friend of Anika and that BING's new fashion shows had never been
in the future.

At this moment, it was not only Anika who was shocked but also Nataly herself.

Nataly had a temper, especially in front of people close to her.

Before Anika could say anything, her sparkling eyes were already filled with anger.

"F*ck, I gave Brandon two invitations.He actually brought Lucy here for me.I'm so angry.’ Brandon was
Nataly's husband, but he was also Kayden's good friend and knew Lucy.

However, he knew that his wife did not like Lucy, so he would not give the tickets to her.

Anika felt that Lucy must have thought of some way to get an invitation letter.

Lucy and Sam were actors of the same type.

Their resources were in conflict with each other, so they were not able to deal with each other.

The two of them had just finished the fight for the female lead of "Hanging Run’.

Now that Lucy and Sam were in the same frame, she could already foresee that she would be a hot
topic again.

However, Nataly still couldn't chase Lucy out, otherwise, the media would completely shift the focus of
today's new fashion show.

Lucy and Sam did not deal with each other, but there were also many other female celebrities who had
the same relationship in the venue.

Brands often take advantage of the media's little thought to increase exposure.

If Nataly kicked Lucy out now, then she would really be sending Lucy to the Hot Search Rankings

Alena's personality was simple, and she was almost stunned by Lucy's coquettish operation, "She's
really powerful, isn't that statement from Kayden not affecting her in the slightest?"

After the kidnapping, although Lucy had gained the title of "Mistress", she did not dare to make things
difficult because of her relationship with Kayden.

What made her embarrassed was the statement of the Jenkins Family's Blake.

At that time, Alena had made that announcement in the group, and Anika also took a quick glance at it.

Kayden and Lucy were only friends that had known each other for many years, but they denied that
they had more than one relationship.

In addition, Blake also wrote something about Kayden who had another love, but the girl was not Lucy.

Lucy and Kayden had always been the hot topic together, and people with good eyesight had
intentional hype at a glance.

Yet, Anika felt that what Kayden had done was enough to make people misunderstand.

Even if it was hype, Lucy was still hyping Kayden’s support.

Anika thought, ‘Didn't Kayden want to help Lucy? Then he could just help her to the end.Now that she
was like this, it made her feel even more disgusted’

Thinking of this, Anika comforted Nataly, "Didn't you say that Lucy lost several endorsements in a row?
Perhaps she wanted to use the opportunity of a hot search to prove that she wasn't a loser.

Come on, don't be stressed at your fashion show, Lucy relied on hype to set up a fire.

Now that Kayden had issued a statement denying the scandal, she could not continue to hype her
relationship with Kayden, let alone set up a straight man's beheading.

The brand side gradually did not buy her, using such a method.

In fact, there was no other way to go.

Otherwise, they wouldn't have let Anika and the others see her sitting there in a flawed manner,
ignoring the ridicule that followed.

"Lucy is used to being praised.Do you think that no one will cause trouble?"

Nataly chuckled, "Nika, I know what you're worried about now, but I don’t have any worries.If she wants
to use me, just wait for her to suffer the consequences."

Anika looked at Nataly with a mocking gaze and knew that Lucy had provoked him.

Although Nataly would not drive Lucy out, ruining the focus of the fashion show and making another
party was cheap.

However, when the fashion show was over, she would not let Lucy off.

All that was needed was a statement that Lucy had not been invited to the fashion show, and BING
could suck in a wave of Lucy's heat.

Lucy's appearance was just a small disturbance so Nataly quickly returned backstage.

Not long after, the lights in the spectator stand dimmed slightly and the dazzling lights hit the catwalk.

The fashion show officially began.

Anika and Alena paused in their conversation to watch the show.

BING's new fashion presentation was generally excellent, even though Lucy had lost a bit of her mood
before the event started.

The new designs were striking, and the melodic lighting goes well with the performance outfit.

The entire fashion presentation took an unexpected turn.

It wasn't a stiff and uninteresting fashion presentation, but rather one that drew people in.

Nataly was the brand manager, and there were human relations and team dinners following the fashion

Alena and Anika didn't want to bother her.

They both stood up and prepared to exit the arena after they dispersed.

Just as they were about to stand up, a voice from behind them abruptly stopped Anika.

"Miss Meyer, hold on” Anika turned around to see a lovely and dignified middle-aged woman striding in
front of her.

She guessed the identity of the person in front of her after recalling Nataly's reminder.

"Hello, I am Zac's stepmother"

the woman said with a lovely smile the following second.

"Madam Burks, I've heard a lot about you,’ Anika chuckled as she looked at her serious gaze.

Before Zac's father, Georgia's husband had the surname Burks.

Burks' mention served as a gentle caution to the lady not to mix up Anika's identification.

Georgia frowned unhappily as she glanced at Anika coldly

"They say your upbringing is the most notable among Misty Bridge City's socialites.No, I don't believe
so.When it comes to talking to elders, you don't even understand basic manners?"

"A loving elder should be respected, but Madam Burks isn't that kind of elder.I married Zac? Anika said,
her lips twisted, "but he shouldn't respect you as an older woman, right?"

Not to mention the fact that Georgia had walked away while Grayson was in crisis.

Her marriage to Grayson was equally shameful at the time.

Kayleigh was concerned about Anika when she initially arrived at the Meyers’ home since she was
unfamiliar with the twists and turns.

As a result, she was continually telling her some rich family rumors.

Georgia was simply a waitress in the clubhouse back then.

She got Grayson drunk overnight in order to be able to take the role.

Georgia became pregnant soon after she married Grayson.

She experienced a miscarriage when she was two months pregnant, unfortunately.

After then, he waited ten years before she fell pregnant again, but Grayson was arrested.

"At the end of the day, he's still a child who doesn't understand the sky and the earth."

Georgia had not expected to be humiliated by a younger person.

Anika gave Georgia a sidelong glance, shook her head, and then replied, "If Madam Burks wishes to
educate me, you have come to the wrong place.I'm sorry, but I don't have time to listen to your

She grabbed Alena, who was standing alongside her and turned around to walk towards the stadium's

"Wait, Georgia said again.” She breathed a sigh of relief and walked a few steps to Anika.

"My relationship with Zac is not good, but Callum is his younger brother, and I am still Callum's

“You can ignore me, but you can get in touch with Callum.Trust me, this is also good for you."

Anika felt that Georgia's words were simply absurd.

Zac seemed to have a half-brother who was eighteen years younger than him.

Callum was only a child who had just entered primary school.

‘Even if they were related by blood, there was no rule that brothers had to get along well, right?
Moreover, Callurn's mother was still Georgia’ She thought.

However, when Georgia saw her expression, she smiled ambiguously and immediately said.

"Miss Meyer, don't refuse in such a hurry.I can roughly guess what's going on between you and Zac.He
might let you be like this in front of me.However, if you bore children, Callum would likely be his

ultimate successor.’

Anika was confused, ‘No ...children?’

Georgia's face was serious as if she believed in herself and wasn't just aiming for nothing.

Anika's gaze shifted slightly, and she couldn't help but keep her thoughts to herself as she pondered
the implications of the woman's words.

Anika thought, ‘Did Georgia say that because she knew that we did a fake marriage without feelings, or
because of ..some other reason?’ "Mrs.Burks really has a good plan.''

Anika looked at Georgia and said indifferently, "But regardless of whether Zac has children or not,
Callum may not be able to be Zac's successor, right?"

Her icy cold attitude did not relax in the slightest.

As soon as she finished speaking, Georgia's expression sank again.

Seeing this, Anika advised, "Madam Burks, you'd better stop thinking.You betrayed him back then, but
now you still want to get all that he had worked hard to get? Do you think you're worthy?"


Georgia was anxious and then looked at Anika with a mocking gaze.

"Alright, if Miss Meyer feels that she can succeed, then let's wait and see.’ After Georgia said this, she
turned around and left.

Anika looked at her back and recalled what Georgia had just said.

She couldn't help but glance with her eyes.

Ten minutes later, Zac had just received the wine glass from Tony when he received a phone call from
his assistant, Frederick.

"Boss, Georgia called just now.Madam seems to have met her."

On the other end of the phone, Frederick sighed deep inside.

Georgia did not have Zac's contact information, but she did not know where she found out about his
phone number and called from time to time.

In the past few years, Zac had never given up investigating his father's case while Georgia played a
special role.

In order to avoid alarming her, Zac did not communicate with her.

On the other hand, Georgia was too stupid.

Seeing that Zac had risen up again in the past two years and hadn't taken revenge on her, she actually
thought that there was a profit to be made so she always tried to bump into Zac himself.

‘Do you really think Zac has a good temper?’

However, Frederick didn't dare to tell the boss any of Georgia's rude words just now.

Fortunately, the boss had never paid much attention to Georgia, so he only reported it routinely.

Though as he thought this, he heard a faint sentence coming from the microphone.

"Oh, what did she say?"

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