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My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day Chapter 26 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Chapter 26

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Anika lifted Zac's left hand in the living room after soaking the cotton swab in iodine.

She couldn't help but glance at him before taking a deep breath and assisting him with his forearm

He had slim, slender fingers and distinct joints.

Under his pristine white skin, subtle blue lines could be seen beneath his round, immaculate

Anika gently smeared the iodine from his hand.

His skin exuded a pleasant warmth.

He was the polar opposite of her chilly hands.

Anika, on the other hand, couldn't help but grimace as the other person retracted her arm for the sixth

"We're going to the hospital if you move again, Zac."

She politely assisted him in administering medications, but the man was uncooperative.

Anika was likewise a hothead.

"No" he said.

Zac snorted and turned away.

"Use some strength, don't do it like you're scratching an itch"

he remarked with a frown after a little pause.

She got the impression that Zac's comments were tinged with contempt when she heard them.

"Was it because I was worried you'd injure me that I was being cautious?"

Her hands grew stronger as she spoke these words.

In any case, it wasn't her who was in trouble.

Anika finally finished applying all of the iodine and ointment and placed a layer of gauze around him
after nearly half an hour.

After dealing with it, the man slowly put down his loose sleeves, leaned against the sofa, and reached
out to pick up the phone on the coffee table.

Anika glanced at him, thought for a moment, and felt that she still owed him a thank you.

So she pursed her lips and said, "Thank you for coming today.I'm sorry to trouble you."

"You're quite polite."

Hearing that, Zac rolled his eyes casually.

However, Anika felt that although she had troubled him today, the man seemed to be in a good mood.

‘Was his personality really unpredictable?’ She thought.

"So lately"

Anika seized up her expression and pondered for a moment before finally asking, "Why are you

She was referring to the atmosphere of silence between the two of them over the past few days.

Although today's disturbance caused her and Zac to break through the ice, Anika still did not
understand why he was suddenly angry.

She thought, ‘Since he said that he wanted to get along well and resolve the conflict, he had to
understand what he was thinking, right?’

Zac's eyes were deep as he leisurely looked at her.

He chuckled and said indifferently, "Because of some trivial matters that weren't very important"

Indeed, it wasn't important, and there was no need to compete.

He was the only one who was angry when he really went to compete.

Anika couldn't help but frown when she saw him dodge.

Zac raised his eyebrows lazily and interrupted her thoughts, "I'm hungry, don't you want to thank me?
Go and help me with a bowl of noodles?"

It was the appearance of repaying kindness with gratitude as if it was only natural for him to do so.

Anika choked slightly and looked at him, but she still stood up and walked to the kitchen.

When he mentioned this, she felt that she was also hungry.

Only then did Zac pull out his phone, unlock the screen and click on the message that Tony had just

"Bro, your progress is too fast! In such a short period of time, did Anika actually threaten to live and die
with you?" Tony messaged.

Zac raised his eyebrows and thought back to what she had said before that she would do her best to
save him.

As for Anika's words to Kayden, "If it was someone else, I would do the same."

He had already forgotten about it.

Zac only used Viber during the day and Tony was his only friend in the address book.

He straightened his phone and adjusted the angle.

He secretly took a picture of Anika's busy back in the kitchen and sent it to Tony.

Then he typed, "No, I'm afraid I'm hungry: After pausing for a moment, he thought of something and
quietly rolled up his sleeve and patted the gauze on his arm.

He continued typing, "A small wound, wrapped for half an hour."

[Jealousy Meme] Tony replied.

"I didn't expect that, Bro,’ he continued.

"You have the ability to be a handsome groom.Even if love arrives, it is unstoppable.Is Anika so in love
with you that she can't get away from you?"

"Are you sure you understand?"

"Just barely."

"She has a pale complexion.It's helpful to comprehend"

Zac sent simultaneously.

"l understand," Tony said.

“I don't want Anika to be embarrassed."

On the other end of the phone, Tony had just returned the message when he suddenly realized

‘Something's wrong!’ After a long while, Tony suddenly came to a realization with a slap on the

‘Really? Really? Anika also loves him secretly?!’ Ten minutes later, Anika came out of the kitchen with
two bowls of noodles in her hands.

She saw Zac stirring up his phone with a smile on his face.

After Zac caught a glimpse of her, the man put down his phone.

Then, he stood up, took the noodles in her hand calmly, and walked towards the dining hall leisurely.

Anika sat down opposite him.

At the dining table, neither of them spoke.

After lowering her head and eating two mouthfuls of noodles, in order to express her goodwill to get
along well with him, Anika casually found a topic and broke the silence.

She asked, "What were you laughing at just now?"

Zac raised his head slightly and said in a light voice, "Tony sent out a few pictures.It's quite interesting"

"You're talking about ...an emoji?"

"Really? You have one too?"

Zac raised his eyebrows and glanced at her.

He put down his chopsticks and tapped out a QR code.

Then, he handed over his phone and said, "Send me some too.’

His attitude was calm and gentle.

Anika did not think too much, picked up her phone, and scanned his Viber, sending out an application
to add friends.

The micro signal seemed to have just registered, and even the head was still gray by default.

She carefully picked out a few interesting memes and asked, "By the way, why do you have a marriage
certificate with you today?"

Anika didn't mean anything else, she was purely curious.

Although Zac's behavior was somewhat ironic when she thought about it, she did not feel that it was a
big problem.

Since Kayden had always thought that she and Zac were just faking their marriage, it would be good if
he could take this opportunity to make Kayden give up.

However, after thinking about it, Anika couldn't help but worry that, if she got divorced a year later,
wouldn't this lie be exposed immediately?

Hearing this, Zac's eyes moved slightly, but his tone was indifferent, "Oh, Tony, he didn't know
anything.He insisted that he had never seen a real marriage certificate.So I showed it to him.”

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