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My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day Chapter 20 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Chapter 20

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It wasn't until a few days ago that Kayden found out that Anika had directly fired Shawn from the
Meyers Corp as soon as she returned to the country.

Actually, what he thought was, 'how could she be so mean? To be able to make her do this, Shawn
must have had deep displeasure with her: Kayden remained silent for a long time.

He waited for the director for a couple of minutes before asking again, "Do you want to drive Shawn

"Yes, inform the front desk and security guards not to let him in again."

After he finished speaking, Kayden hung up the phone.

His eyes were filled with contemplation.

Now, he even forgot to tell the director about the plan.

After a while, he looked at Connor and said, "Go and find out what Shawn has done beforeā€ If Anika
was truly disappointed, the only way he could make amends with her was to figure out the truth.

Kayden was convinced that the two of them would never be able to break up so casually.

"Yes, boss."

Connor nodded in agreement.

The phone vibrated again in the office.

Connor subconsciously glanced at his trousers pocket and confirmed that it was not his phone.

Only then did he breathe a sigh of relief.

Raising his eyes, Kayden had already picked up the phone.

Gavyn's voice sounded clear, loud, and anxious, "Kay! Lucy was kidnapped by that son of a bitch
Morgan Grant when she returned to her apartment!"

Kayden's expression changed as a result of that single sentence.

Gavyn said that it was Morgan who had been spying on the scene and had attacked Lucy while they
were in a tangle.

The crew's marshals moved fast at that point and pushed Lucy aside, allowing her to dodge the

Her injuries did not become serious till then.

Gavyn, on the other hand, intended to do something heinous at first.

The other party was originally eyeing Kayden, and Lucy was also implicated because of her affair with

After all, Gavyn was injured because of his own involvement.

However, he did not explain his injuries clearly.

Kayden couldn't turn a blind eye, so he hurried to BY City and missed the wedding.

Unexpectedly, after being detained in the police station for this period of time, Morgan still dared to
come back.

Last time, he let Morgan off because of his son but that didn't mean that Kayden would be merciful

After all, in his opinion, Morgan was the main culprit for his absence from the wedding.

Hanging up the phone with Gavyn, Kayden was about to get up when Kayleigh interrupted him.

"Bro! Why can't I get through to Connor's phone? He's so anxious that Sara has already found me"

Kayden glanced at Connor, who was innocent and speechless.

The phone call just now was indeed from Sara, but he didn't dare to answer it because the boss's gaze
was too pressuring! "Leigh, I have something very important to do right now.I'll call you back later."

Seeing that Kayden was about to cut off the phone, Kayleigh hurriedly stopped him, "Don't, don't, don't!
Bro, Sara just called me and said that something happened to Anika! I can't contact her, hurry up and
look for her!"

As soon as she finished speaking, Kayden instantly stopped and tightly gripped his phone.

His expression became gloomier and gloomier.

Seeing this, Connor, who was beside him, wanted to say something but hesitated, "Well, boss..."

The stifling and menacing stare poured in.

"It was the kidnapper who switched on the live stream!"

Connor swiftly responded as he handed him his phone.

Anika and Sara met at a coffee shop near the company.

She and Sara had been in close contact for two months about the wedding, so they had some
understanding of each other.

Sara was from a small town in the county below BY City.

She worked hard to get into a 211 University of Finance and Economics, and after graduation, she
went to work at a bank.

She resigned and took Merbeil's prestigious position since her family was in desperate need of money.

Sara's tenacity impressed Anika.

Merbeil fired Sara for assisting and it completely surprised her because it was a coincidence.

She had recently promoted Peter, and she needed to rehire an assistant.

Sara was without a doubt Anika's most impressive and trustworthy candidate.

Anika liked Sara, and she was pampered with attention under Sara's care.

Since Sara was already looking for a job, she did not hesitate to accept Anika's job offer after she got
surprised by it.

The meeting was pleasant.

They sat inside a cafe and talked about getting off work.

However, Anika never expected that she would be kidnapped after she had just finished talking with

She always kept a low profile and didn't wear luxurious clothes.

The Meyer Family was not the most outstanding family in Misty Bridge City, and she had never
appeared in the media before.

'Why would the kidnappers be eyeing me?' She thought.

She was still puzzled.

The moment she sensed the danger, Anika pressed Sara's name on the latest call record.

After graduating from high school, she studied martial arts for two years.

However, the kidnappers were too many to handle.

She did not choose to resist so that the opponent would not discover the phone call directly.

Unfortunately, after being tied to the car from behind, the phone in her pocket still couldn't escape the
fate of being discovered and taken away.

'The view was completely obscured.The car was stuffy and bumpy and the shock absorption was very
poor, perhaps it was a van' Anika analyzed.

Anika tried her best to maintain her composure, telling herself that even if the phone call to Sara just
now didn't get through, Zac would definitely discover that she was missing when he came to pick her
up after work.

It was also strange that she was incomparably certain that Zac, whom she had not talked to for a while,
would try to save her at such a time that it was easy to make people panic.

There were at least three people in the car beside her.

They seemed to have been trained and remained silent all the way.

Only when she got out of the car and was dragged into the abandoned warehouse filled with the smell
of rust did Anika hear the first sound.

"Is this the woman you said Kayden liked?"

Anika subconsciously closed her eyes when someone rudely took off her blindfold and the light was
blinding for a moment.

When she saw the woman tied to the stool, she finally understood why she was tied up by the

At the same time, she could no longer maintain her upbringing and cursed in her heart.

There was only one window in the dark and humid warehouse where Anika was standing.

A middle-aged man with a rugged appearance and a robust body was sitting on the sofa in the
opposite direction.

The man was holding a black cellphone and was occasionally lowering his head to glance at it.

Morgan fixed his gaze on Anika.

With a polite tone, he said in a hoarse voice, "Miss Meyer, I'm sorry to invite you here.She said that you
are Kayden's fiancee?"

Anika cast a glance towards Lucy, whose lips were tightly taped shut.

She contemplated her current situation quietly.

She smiled and answered Morgan after closing her eyes for a few moments "No, President Zac is my
husband, and Kayden and I were just forced to marry by the elders.Kayden also ran away from our
marriage.I have a grudge against this woman as well."

Morgan nodded and grinned "Of course, I was aware of this.Miss Cooper, on the other hand, insisted
that Kayden liked you and that we've had the wrong person.'

"Kayden invested in her movies and gave her a sky-high price necklace.He was afraid that she would
be bullied in the entertainment industry, so he carefully protected her.Last month, she was the reason
Kayden skipped our wedding."

Anika's gaze slowly shifted from Lucy to Morgan as if she had heard some funny joke.

"Do you think Kayden likes me by doing this?"

Anika paused for a moment before continuing, "I have a grudge with her cousin, but I just kicked her
out of the Stevens Corp.She said something coquettish and she went to work for the Jenkins
Corp.Kayden ignored me for her sake."

After she finished speaking, her glowing face was dyed with just the right anger, as if she was
dissatisfied with Kayden''s actions.

However, there was not a trace of emotion that could be seen in her eyes.

After a moment of silence, Morgan put down the phone in his hand and said in a mocking tone, "A
person like Kayden is actually in love.I didn't expect that.'

Anika was a little surprised, but her face did not reveal anything.

Kayden was a gentle person who rarely made enmity with others, but Morgan seemed to hate Kayden
very much.

Although she didn't know what enmity he had with Kayden, he seemed to have believed more than half
of what she said just now.

Anika felt a little relieved and continued, "Back then, everyone knew that Kayden and Lucy were in
love.Not long after they broke up, he went abroad sadly.None of this was a secret in school.If what I
said is correct, I'll find out at a glance."

Since she had a grudge against Kayden, and there was still some courtesy in his words, it was best to
put aside her relationship with Kayden and hint that she and him were at odds.

In the past, Lucy said that she would always play a little trick on Kayden so that she would be the talk
of the town again.

She was not afraid that she would be exposed.

After all, in the eyes of outsiders, Lucy said that Kayden had another love when she was kidnapped,
which was really untenable.

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