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My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day Chapter 19 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Chapter 19

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For the past few days, Connor had been terrified.

His boss had returned from Meyer Corp, where he had discussed medical cooperation, looking
completely transformed.

Although his boss was demanding in the past, he did not have a strict approach.

He was as cold as ice these few days, and not a trace of the famously easygoing Kayden could be

The day before yesterday, Shawn made a small mistake when he received the partner, and the boss
directly ordered the director to fire him.

He was Lucy's cousin, and the boss had told her that she needed to get him into the company.

Because Shawn had been fired, Connor was wary about making any blunders.

Every day, he trembled.

If Connor had known that his boss's trip to the Meyer Corp would not only fail to cajole Anika but would
also end up like this, he would not have allowed his boss to talk too much there.

Right now, he was remorseful, really remorseful.

Connor squeezed his sweat for Director Adam, who had just handed in the proposal, as he saw his
boss's grave expression.

His phone vibrated twice in his pocket.

Connor slipped his phone out of his pocket and checked the familiar caller ID.

Kayden's eyes were filled with displeasure, so he quickly cut the phone off.

Kayden cast a sidelong glance before averting his gaze.

His expression was as frigid as it had been previously.

He dialed the inside number after turning off the Lake Project Plan that he had submitted to the

"Hello, President Jenkins.' Director Adam said nervously.

"Who is the research section..."

Kayden overheard a faint noise and an argument from him before he could continue his sentence.

"What happened to you?"

he frowned, putting away the reproach on his lips.

Director Adam appeared to pause for a moment before speaking slowly and clearly, "Manager Cooper
is dubious about his dismissal.He's looking forward to meeting you."

Shawn was also the cousin of Kayden's confidante, Lucy.

Although he couldn't be recruited into the Jenkins family, no one in the department dared to offend him.

Director Adam naturally didn't like having such an employee under him.

However, his background was hard enough so he couldn't do anything to Shawn.

A few days ago, Shawn made a mistake when he received his partner and was directly told to dismiss
him by the director.

He thought that Director Adam had deliberately played tricks on him.

Today, he caused trouble in the company and even moved out of Kayden to threaten him.

But Director Adam knew very well that Kayden had personally informed him of Shawn's dismissal.

Despite all this, Shawn remained unconvinced.

Kayden, after all, was the one who had arranged for him to be placed under Director Adam's command
at the time.

Kayden's already sour mood worsened when he learned that Shawn had arrived to cause havoc at the

Anika's last words made him understand that she was not simply throwing a tantrum with him.

Kayden was still shocked by her heart-piercing words.

These days, he had also thought about the dispute between the two of them during the past few
months when she returned to China.

She had a good temper because Lucy had never lost her composure when she argued with her —
apart from the time he arranged for Shawn to enter the company where Anika had hysterically asked
him the reason.

In the eyes of Kayden at that time, this was a trivial matter for which there was no need to quarrel.

However, this was the first and only time that he and Anika had truly erupted into an argument because
of Shawn.

Kayden had never expected the two of them to say something hurtful when they lost their minds, but
she had hurriedly accused her of harshly questioning him and Lucy.

The Jenkins Family and the Meyer Family were good friends.

His engagement with Anika had been arranged since childhood.

It was at this time when Anika, then three or four years old, went missing.

After that, he had a faint recollection of that shy little girl.

Although, as he grew older, his impression of her became increasingly hazy.

Emma returned Lucy to the Meyer house not long after.Ayden had always been a calm child.

Lucy had gradually herited her elder brother's hazy and regretful caring.

Sonia was so depressed after giving birth to Kayleigh iat she was unable to see her child, so he and
Kayleigh pent two years with the Meyer family.

The grandma of Anika showed pure care and affection yr Kayden and Kayleigh — something that a
complicated family like his did not possess.

To Kayden, the Meyers was ne of his most beloved elders.

Emma had died of illness a year before Anika's grandmother died.

She was concerned about Lucy before he died.

She took Kayden's hand in hers and urged him to ok after Lucy.He concurred.

Anika was brought back by her grandfather a few years later.

Kayden had noticed the mall girl's shadow on her at the time, and he instinctively oked after her.

Kayden was oblivious to the fact that he had fallen in ve with Anika.

At first, it was only those in his immediate Surroundings that brought up their engagement.

To rescue her from shame, he was taunting her.

Kayden's education was outstanding.

Anika couldn't 2ep up with the progress when she first transferred, so he always shyly asked him

She smiled and said that the tutor Oliver had found for her wasn't as good as him.

They were engaged, and she was constantly trailing behind him.

Almost everyone assumed she liked him, but ayden wasn't convinced.

It was obvious that they had never spoken before.

Anika would certainly follow him, but she was far too submissive.

To stay out of trouble, he could only assist her when no one was looking.

Although the two of them had signed a marriage contract, he wasn't sure if Anika's obvious liking was
solely due to the engagement and her grandfather's expectations.

Because his mother changed her work at the conclusion of his freshman year, his connection with her
grew increasingly strained.

His father, too, had become agitated.

Kayden had been filial for twenty years and had always been patient of her mother's rage because
Sonia's depression was fairly serious at the time.

He'd never dared to defy authority in any way.

However, that day, Sonia tore off his application because she wanted him to follow his uncle's ambition
and not his dreams.

She told him to marry Anika step by step and take over the Jenkins family.

This was the first time Kayden had an argument with her mother.

Afterward, he accepted Lucy's proposal to pretend to be dating —half because of Kayden's resistance,
and a half because he wanted to test Anika''s liking.

However, both grandpas of the two families were aware of this not long after.

As a result, they convened a discussion to consider whether the two families should call off the
wedding or replace Lucy's name as the bride.

Kayden realized Anika was leaving abroad when Mr.Jenkins asked him with a serious face.

He turned down the Meyer family's plea to call off the wedding, then broke up with Lucy and moved to
the United States.

Kayden's distance from Anika was obvious when he reappeared in front of her again.

Her personality was considerably calmer and she had numerous friends, possibly due to the change of

He pursued her for a year before she unexpectedly agreed to go out after Christmas that year.

Their connection had become much more natural during those several years away from the Jenkins
Family and the marriage contract.

Kayden was still quite happy, despite the fact that they were both quite busy with their academics and
had little time to celebrate their love.

At the very least, he knew Anika liked him.

When his parents learned that he had changed majors, they cut off his financial connections, and he
started his business from the ground up, his drive grew even stronger.

On the eve of T&#D&39;s IPO, he gave her a 30% stake as a proposal gift.

Since then, he had assumed that she was his only woman in his life.

Even though they had a few quarrels after returning home, Kayden remained confident in the
sturdiness of their relationship.

He did, however, strive to eliminate Anika's prejudice against Lucy, but he kept running into

He had promised Anika's grandma that he would always take care of Lucy, so it was impossible for him
to abandon his promise.

However, every time he argued with Anika, Kayden couldn't do anything about it.

Her aggressive attitude had weakened his rationality for the first time, and his emotions had gained the
upper hand.

He even said something hurtful because of Shawn's quarrel.

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