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My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day Chapter 16 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Chapter 16

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Looking at Zac's eyes, Anika knew that this person was pretending to be affectionate and in love.

She had asked him before why he wanted to stand up for her.

Zac explained that since he had already agreed to play part in the show, he needed to pretend so the
public would not catch them.

He didn't want his share price to plummet.

From Zac's point of view, Lucy's words had threatened his stock price, which was why he didn't like her.

As she stared at him, Anika's eyelashes quiver.

She sighed deeply and took the hand that Zac had extended to her.

The man's fingertips, which were covered in thin gloves, seemed to be rubbing against the back of her
hand, making her palms heated.

Her ice-cold hands eventually warmed up as a result of this.

Kayden's jaw tightened as he stared at the two intertwined hands, his pitch-black pupils rolling with
powerful emotions.

He clenched his fists tightly and raised his head coldly, "President Hill, what does this mean?"

"Can't you tell?"

Zac chuckled as he raised his eyebrows and said casually, "Of course, I came to pick up my wife from

Anika couldn't help but stop her sweat from dropping for the sake of the man who called her "wife" with
deep affection.

She didn't want their real deal to be revealed and pay with her life.

Kayden's demeanor had always been reserved, and he rarely became angry.

His face, on the other hand, had utterly sunken at this point.

He had a tense expression on his face and ice-cold eyes.

He no longer looked at Zac and stepped forward to grab Anika's wrist, "Anika, I'll send you back."

Anika's hands were clasped too firmly.

Anika made extra effort to avoid opening it for Kayden's hand.

"Kayden, I said we had nothing to do since you ran from the wedding,' she grumbled and glanced at

She had hoped that after knowing Kayden for so long, the two of them could break up with dignity and
ease, but the other didn't want to give her this chance.

Kayden's eyes were gloomy and his voice was clear as he restrained his rage "You're my fiancée.After
all these years, how could our relationship not be tied?"

Anika was on the verge of laughing angrily.

She would always stand where she had been, tolerate him, and stay with him since she was too
understanding of what Kayden was going through.

He probably thought she was joking with him up until now.

Her eyes were filled with sarcasm as she looked at Kayden.

He shook his head helplessly and raised the corner of his lips, "Yes, it does matter."

Immediately after, Anika's voice was clear and audible, "When you and Lucy get married, I will call you
brother-in-law.You can also call me your cousin.'

'At least, in front of Grandpa' 'Brother-in-law, cousin' She thought.

Kayden was taken aback, his eyes wide with terror.

His emotions of aggressively staying were on the edge of collapsing as he stared fixedly at her.

There were a lot of other employees in front of the elevator after work, in addition to the folks behind

They all stared at each other and muttered to one another when they saw this scene.

Seeing this, Anika ignored Kayden.

She turned her head and glanced at the man who was enjoying Kayden's expression.

She pulled off the corner of his clothes and said, "Let's go."

Zac looked at Kayden for the last time and reached out to grab Anika's shoulder.

He nodded lightly.

But when he turned around, he suddenly revealed a meaningful smile and said in a low and melodious
voice, "Goodbye, ex...fiancée! Kayden's fingers suddenly clenched tightly”

The next second, the elevator door slowly closed.He only set his eyes to the two last figures.Zac's car
was parked carelessly downstairs.

Anika got into the car and relaxed.

She didn't expect Kayden to find her company.

Anika had always tried to stay away from the gossip of her coworkers, especially when it came to
personal affairs.

She didn't want to argue with Kayden in front of such a large crowd, but she did so today.

Anyway, it was good that Shawn calmed down and deliberately spread the news that Kayden had
cancelled the wedding for Lucy.

Zac came to pick her up from work today, which could help her clean her name.

Thinking of this, she looked at the man beside her.

After getting in the car, Zac let go of her and leaned against the seat in an idle position.

He continued to open the notebook on the platform to handle the work.

His expression seemed to be very focused, and his attitude was very different from his gentle
appearance just now.

Anika couldn't help but notice how good the man's acting abilities were.

He wasn't able to make a comeback without good reason.

This guy was truly omnipotent for the sake of the stock price.


She was the first to break the silence.

The man casually rolled his eyelids and slightly tilted his head, "Hmm, what's wrong?"

Anika took a time to think about what she wanted to say this morning before eventually saying it "Thank
you very much for coming to get me from work.I sincerely hope that we will get along well in the future."

Zac listened and looked at her for a few seconds.

Then, he chuckled and nodded.

He seemed to be in a good mood.

Seeing that he agreed, Anika continued, "Yesterday was not a good incident.You and I should try our
best to avoid it."

After she finished speaking, Zac's hand on the keyboard paused.

He turned his head, his eyes filled with doubt, "Did we have an unhappy day yesterday?"


Anika asked in a daze.

Last night, they had a rather unpleasant conversation.

He furrowed his eyebrows and pondered for a few seconds before looking at her.

"Isn't that a positive, happy conversation?"

Zac curiously asked.

Anika was stunned and speechless.

She once again understood the meaning of a man's eyes: he never wasted time so she should feel
honored to have such a conversation with someone.

Anika couldn't help but cough.

After a long sigh of relief, she denied, "Of course not.'’

The man furrowed his eyebrows and quickly opened them up.

Then, he asked, "So, how do you want to get along?"

'How to get along well?' She asked herself.

She paused after hearing what the man asked.

Anika found it hard to imagine how she and him could get along well.

In high school, she tried her best to maintain her obedient and dull personality.

Only Zac was capable of exposing her flaws in anger.

Zac held onto her image of being willing to help others, forcing her to do his homework for him and help
him make up for his lessons.

She often thought of ways to make him suffer in the parents' and teacher's meetings .

They did not have a very good relationship and after they grew up, they barely had contact with each

Anika didn't know.

‘'Between the two of them, how could something be considered 'getting along well'’

After pondering for a moment, Anika tried to say, "I believe it should be that they are respectable in
appearance and kind in demeanor.'

At any rate, they should respect each other and communicate with each other in a friendly manner.

Although Zac's temperament made it difficult for him to be gentle, he still needed to have positive
patience and effort.

"Gentle and courteous?"

Zac slowly repeated.He paused and looked at her with a faint smile.

"Just like Kayden?"

He continued.

Anika sensed that there was something wrong with the man's emotions, but she didn't know why.

Zac's eyes darkened.

"Anika, I'm not him."

He tore the corner of his mouth and said coldly, "I'm not Kayden”

With that, he opened the door and got out of the car.

The tall and straight figure showed a hint of indifference as he walked into the villa alone.

'Is he angry?' Anika suddenly felt inexplicable.

She felt that his emotions were somewhat uncertain.

When she got in the car, there was a hint of joy.

She was stunned, her eyebrows slightly knitted, she lowered her head to ponder the reason, and even
forgot to get out of the car.

In a moment of silence, the driver took the bag from the passenger seat and said respectfully, "Madam,
Mr.Hill said he wanted to give it to you."

Anika suddenly regained her senses and reached out to take the bag.

She then discovered that there was a brand-new hair dryer inside, which was the same as the one she
had broken earlier.

This left her even more puzzled.

'He sent a hairdryer over, obviously wanting to get along well, so why was he angry?' She confusingly
asked herself.Even though it was late at night in the Jenkins Residence, the living room in the hall was
still lit up.At the entrance, just as the door opened, Kayleigh immediately went forward.

The young girl's voice was charming and light, "Brother, you're back.'

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