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My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day Chapter 14 free read Here - KevinBook
Novel Name : My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Chapter 14

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The next day, Anika woke up early as usual.

Although Zac's attitude had angered her yesterday, his requirements weren't too harsh.

Originally, she was used to cooking breakfast by herself.

Now, she just had to do another meal.

When Anika first studied abroad, she was not used to international food.

At that time, not only did she cook breakfast, she also cooked her local meal on weekends to appease
her cravings.

Her roommate, a Japanese-Chinese girl, exaggeratedly praised her for her mother-like cooking which
left her at a loss for whether to laugh or cry.

There were no servants in the large villa.

When Anika moved in, the kitchen seemed to have never opened fire.

The kitchen utensils were neatly arranged, brand new, and clean.

She guessed that Zac would have lived in the company most of the time, otherwise, the facilities on the
top floor of Oliver wouldn't be so complete.

Anika had already cut some green onions, beaten the poached eggs, boiled the hot oil and the soy
sauce at the bottom, and put down two bowls of noodles.

When he came to the dining area, Zac was dressed in his usual suit.

He leisurely sat down at the dining table.

Anika walked over with her noodles in her hands and placed one of the bowls in front of him.

She thought to herself, ‘It's time to do good deeds’ Surprisingly, Zac was truly difficult to serve.

When he saw the face in front of him, the man frowned and said, "Oh, why did you come down? Can
you pack your face and leave?"

As soon as Anika sat down, she was dumbfounded with her chopsticks.

Glancing at his conflicted expression, she sneered, "Sure, as long as I'm not afraid of getting into the
company, I'll be fine"

Whether she liked to eat or not, she has already cooked it anyway.

Hearing her words, Zac seemed to be seriously pondering for a while, then looked at her a few more

In the end, he picked up his chopsticks and ate his noodles.

The noodles were refreshing, and the fragrance of the soup was overwhelming.

Even the poached eggs were soft-boiled and yellowish.

In a short while, the man ate all the noodles and even slurped the soup.

Anika saw that he was eating with relish.

He no longer cared about his earlier troubles and could not help but bend his lips.

Then, she suddenly remembered something and said, "Oh right, my car has been towed for
repairs.Can you ask the driver to drop me off later?"

She wouldn't delay him from going to work, She just had to send him off first and then let the driver
drop her off on the way.

Anika felt that this request was not excessive.

However, Zac leaned his arms against her and stared at her, his eyes filled with ridicule, "Anika, do you
think a proud cockfight would be kind enough to send you to work?"

Hearing his words, Anika's hand that was holding the bowl suddenly froze.

She raised her head in surprise.

The man said lazily, "Oh, I forgot to tell you.The master bedroom's sound insulation is good, but the
secondary bedroom's sound insulation-"

"Not so good."

When Zac said the word 'cockfight ‘, Anika suddenly felt that something was wrong.

Lucy lost her role after talking about Zac behind his back.

‘How could she not be hated?’ she thought.

At first, he thought that this man would never send her to work again.

In the end, not only did the arrogant cockfight kindly agree to send her to work, he even strangely went
to the kitchen to wash the dishes.

This action made Anika even more uncomfortable, making her feel like she was trying to save a
gentleman's belly with a petty heart.

It's his body that was exposed to her but he was the one being criticized.

No matter how she looked at it, he was the victim.

However, she had actually used malicious speculation.

Along their way, the car was filled with silence.

The man had been indifferent since he got in the car.

Anika wanted to say something but she was hesitating.

Before she could even open her mouth, the car had already stopped in front of her family's residence.

So she just shoved what she was supposed to say and just got out of the car.

After standing at the side of the road and watching his car drive away, Anika turned around and walked
into Mrs.Steven's building.

After returning to China, Anika served as the vice president of the Steven Corporation.

Although her grandfather held a large number of shares and was the acting chairman, his health can
no longer endure being the director.

After her father, Elliot Meyer, passed away, Oliver became the general manager in less than two years.

Because of hidden agendas, Anika suspected that her parents’ car accident was related to Oliver.

Although after many years of investigation, it was proven that it was just an accident.

Actually, if the car accident was really planned, her grandfather would know.

Her grandpa was a really wise man.

Oliver's ambition slowly grew.

Madam Meyer had been holding it in her hand for a long time, so she was naturally unwilling to give in
to the sudden appearance of Anika.

As soon as she arrived at the office, Anika's assistant, Peter Simpson, knocked on the door and
reported to her about the recent events in the company.

Although Anika was the vice president, Oliver never let her interfere with important business.

Oliver had planted quite a few members of the Cooper Family inside the Stevens Corp.

Anika was in a tight situation until she won the North City Project.

After Peter finished his report, Anika pondered for a moment and said, "The construction of the North
City is about to start.From tomorrow onwards, you will be in charge of the construction of the
project.Keep an eye on it and don't make any mistakes"

At first, Oliver agreed to hand over the North City Project to Anika but he couldn't interfere with Anika’s

He might secretly take the initiative and snatch it back from her.

Anika could only trust a few people and Peter was one of them.

Besides, he was the one to make the least mistakes during the construction so it would be better if he
would just look over the project.

"In that company..."

Peter had some hints of doubts on his face.

Anika smiled and said, "I'll communicate with Zac.You've been with me for more than half a year.I know
you can do more than being my assistant.Peter was worthy of being in charge of the project.

In fact, Anika had already considered giving him a promotion long ago.

"Thank you, Vice President Meyer."He said.

"Mm.Hand over the work to Tia later."Nika replied.

Peter was excited and nodded.Not long after, Tia Moore from the Secretariat knocked on the door and
walked in.

"Vice President Meyer, someone sent you flowers.How should we deal with them?"Tia said.

Anika slightly furrowed her eyebrows and said, "Throw it away.If someone sends flowers again, reject

Needless to say, the flowers would only be sent by Kayden.

Since she already promised Zac that she will take care of him, she doesn't want to entertain any other
guys anymore.

"Got it, Vice President? Tia replied and quickly left.Only then did Anika start to look through the contract
sent by Zac.At the beginning of June, the Misty Bridge City was blazing with the sun.Scorching rays of
light poured in through the floor-to-ceiling window, and noon passed in a flash.Even though the room
was cold, Anika still felt her lips were chapped and her tongue was dry after reading the contract.

She stood up to pick up the water.

However, the water dispenser in the office was empty so she had to go to the tea room.

While she was walking towards the tea room, she heard a faint discussion going on inside the room.

She slowly stopped walking and eavesdropped.

"Why did the North City Project need to suddenly cooperate with Zac Hill?"

"Vice President Meyer is now married to President Hill.It's normal for them to cooperate.I would be
easier for her to finish the project when she was being backed up by her husband."

"Why did they suddenly get married? Then what about Vice President Meyer and President Jenkins?"

"President Jenkins escaped for Miss Cooper.How could Vice President Meyer marry such a big

"Vice President Meyer is so good compared to Miss Cooper who was always arrogant when she would
come to the company.What is the President thinking when he choose someone below the Vice

"They were childhood sweethearts, and their affection for each other never ceased.Be careful of what
you are going to say here.The company’s head is now a Cooper"

As the voices gradually faded away, Anika stood there for along time and processed everything she

She turned around and walked back, notifying the administrator to fill the water dispenser in her office.

Before she came to the company, she already knew that the employees’ gossip could not be stopped.

She didn't want to make things difficult for ordinary employees, not to mention that they were now
under the Cooper's supervision.

Anika already hacked Kayden's phone but flowers were sent to the apartment every day.

However, she entrusted the dispatcher to throw them away.

Anika did not deny that changing the groom was a bit impulsive, but not breaking up with Kayden.

When she was abroad, she had feelings for Kayden.

But at that time, there was no Lucy between them, no Cooper Family, and they didn't even have to face
his family.

Half a year after returning to China, her feelings for Kayden had long been worn out.

Once she made her decision, she would not leave any room for retreat.

Moreover, there were people who constantly reminded her of everything that had happened recently.

Meanwhile, at Jenkins’ Office, Gavyn was already very anxious.

He frowned and looked at Lucy on the sofa.

"Lucy, why did you provoke Zac?"

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